Olive festival to support vital sector in northern Jordan economy

As part of ILO efforts to support communities in Jordan most affected by the Syrian refugee crisis, it joins forces with local partners in Irbid to host a three-day festival promoting the vital olive industry in northern Jordan.

The Irbid Governorate, including the Irbid Directorate of Agriculture, and the International Labour Organization are to hold a three-day olive festival in the northern Jordanian governorate. The event will bring together farmers, agricultural engineers, olive press owners and local institutions to showcase products and expertise and promote sales.

The festival, which is being held under the patronage of Jordan’s Minister of Agriculture HE Dr. Akef Al-Zoubi, aims to highlight the importance of the olive sector and related industry to the local economy, and encourage Jordanians to increase their consumption of olive oil products. The festival will give local farmers and olive-press owners a chance to market their products on a commercial scale. It will allow all stakeholders to meet and explore business opportunities.

While most exhibits will be directly related to the production of olives and olive oil, other local products will also be presented, including food items and traditional arts and crafts.

The festival is being held as part of wider efforts to support communities in northern Jordan most affected by the influx of Syrian refugees to Jordan. In particular, the ILO is working closely with the Irbid Governorate and the Directorate Of Agriculture to help communities in Irbid boost the quality and production of olives. Theoretical and practical training is being offered along with other forms of support to increase awareness and boost productivity of the local industry by examining the different stages of the economic value chain, including inputs, production, distribution, retailing and support services.


Nisreen Bathish, ILO Communications Consultant, g8beyexcoll@ilo.org, +9626/565-3991.