Labour Migration

Jordan launches national media workshop on migration and human trafficking

ILO and global communication network PANOS hold the first national training workshop for Jordanian journalists on labour migration and human trafficking.

Jordanian broadcast and print journalists will gather to discuss current reporting on labour migration and trafficking in Jordan in order to address challenges and propose methods that improve and strengthen media coverage on labour migration in the country. Over the course of the three-day workshop, technical discussions with ILO experts will be combined with input from the trade unions and organisations providing support to migrant workers.

This training session is organised by the ILO in collaboration with the global communications network PANOS and is part of the ILO project entitled “Improving the governance and Protection Mechanisms for Labour Migration in the Arab States.” The project aims to provide technical support to ILO constituents in the member states so they can improve the protection of migrant workers in low skilled and semi-skilled occupations as well as improve the governance of labour migration in the Arab region.