Refugee Host Communities

Jordan hosts second public-private sector dialogue forum to improve business environment in Syrian refugee host communities

A second public-private partner dialogue forum covering Jordan’s Northern Governorate to discuss challenges and possible solutions to improve business environment in the area which hosts the largest proportion of Syrian refugees in the country.

Representatives from Jordan’s private sector, government, the ILO and other relevant stakeholders will attend a workshop to discuss issues and constraints affecting the creation of an enabling business environment in Northern Jordan, the region of the country which hosts the largest number of Syrian refugees. Hosted by the Governorate of Irbid, the Chamber of Commerce and Chamber of Industry, with support from the ILO, the workshop will base its discussions on results of an ILO rapid business environment survey involving 236 enterprises. The survey identified bottlenecks and challenges for local businesses in terms of service provision, administrative practices, and covered legislative reform to increase the capability job creation and sustainable growth in local enterprises.

Workshop participants will also hold consultations on conditions required to improve the business environment in the Northern Governorate, present proposals on possible solutions and propose a local action plan. The workshop is part of the ILO’s response to the Syrian refugee crisis in Jordan, which aims to contribute to building the resilience of host communities by enhancing access to employment opportunities and livelihoods.