School-to-work transitions

Jordan highlights youth transition from school to the workplace

A new ILO report examines the transition from school to decent work for young Jordanians.

In collaboration with the Jordanian Ministry of Labour and the Department of Statistics, the ILO will launch an in-depth report on youth employment and transition to the labour market during a workshop in Jordan. The workshop will be attended by government officials and policy makers as well as representatives from workers and employers organizations, educational institutions, NGOs, youth organizations, United Nations agencies and other development partners.

Entitled ‘’Labour market transitions of young women and men in Jordan’’ the study is based on the ILO’s School-to-Work Transition Survey (STWS), a household survey of young people aged 15-29 which generates a set of indicators describing labour market outcomes of youth, as well as the stages and quality of their transitions to work. The data sheds light on areas that are not typically included in ordinary household surveys such as youth satisfaction, working conditions, informal work, wages and earnings. The survey is part of the ILO’s Work4Youth Project, a partnership between the ILO and The MasterCard Foundation.

Jordan is one of the 28 countries around the world conducting an ILO SWTS.