First Arab States Regional South-South Development EXPO

ILO Solution Exchange Forum on Youth Employment

Inspired by the success of recent global South-South Development Expos, and regional knowledge sharing events, the UNDP Regional Bureau for Arab States, through its Regional Centre in Cairo and in close cooperation with the UN Office for South-South Cooperation, is holding the first Arab States Regional South-South Development Expo. The ILO is contributing with a Solution Exchange Forum on Youth Employment.

The ILO organized a Solution Forum on 19 February 2014 which encompassed a series of good practices and lessons learned on South-South and triangular cooperation (SSTC) on the theme of Youth Employment. It involved representatives of governments, and of workers’ and employers’ organisations, making it possible to address the issue from different perspectives and with an integrated approach. The Forum enabled participants to combine and better understand the relation between fundamental principles and rights at work, labour standards, employment creation, social protection mechanisms, and social dialogue in strategies tackling youth employment.

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Presentations and Solution Proposals

  1. Presentation: ILO - Promoting Youth Rights at Work: Lessons learned from Indonesia and Jordan
  2. Presentation: ILO - Upgrading apprenticeships: a cross-country experience from Egypt, Tunisia and Jordan
  3. Presentation: ILO - Promoting youth employment through SSTC in Arab States
  4. Presentation: ILO - Territorial Youth Employment Pacts in Albania and Tunisia
  5. Presentation: My.Coop - Training of trainers in managing agricultural cooperatives
  6. Presentation: My.Coop - Managing your agricultural cooperative
  7. Presentation: UCASC - Role of Women-led Cooperatives in Promoting Youth Employment: Horizontal cooperation between the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Yemen
  8. Presentation: Barefoot College - The Grandmother Revolution - Women For Solar Electrification of Rural Villages
  9. Presentation: CEDARE - Green Entrepreneurship
  10. Presentation: CEDARE - Green Jobs Opportunities
  11. Solution proposal - Women for Solar Electrification of Rural Villages - Segment III, Solution 7
  12. Solution proposal - Training package and programme on the management of agricultural cooperatives - Segment II, Solution 5
  13. Solution proposal - Territorial Youth Employment Pact - Segment I, Solution 2
  14. Solution proposal - Promoting Youth Rights at Work - Segment I, Solution 3
  15. Solution proposal - Knowledge Management - Youth Employment and Migration - Segment I, Solution 1
  16. Solution proposal - Green Jobs Opportunities - Segment II, Solution 6
  17. Solution proposal - Green Economy Success Stories - Segment III, Solution 9
  18. Solution proposal - Equal opportunities for the economic participation of young women - Segment II, Solution 4
  19. Solution proposal - Community-based solid waste management in rural areas - Segment III, Solution 8