Women and Economic Empowerment in the Arab Transitions: Meeting Report

The expert group meeting was convened over two days to facilitate the exchange of ideas and in-depth discussions. It encouraged an open exchange of experiences through dynamic interaction structured around three main themes: economic justice; social rights and governance.

In May 2013, the ILO Regional Office for Arab States convened a meeting of a group of regional and international experts to address women’s economic empowerment in the Arab transitions. The objectives of the meeting were to:
a. Provide a solid analysis of past successes and current challenges to the realization of a gender inclusive and productive development framework in the Arab world;
b. Identify the key policy making elements and systems of governance that would effectively address current challenges, including the threats of regression in Arab women’s economic and social rights, based on good practices from the region and beyond;
c. Identify strategies for programming and policy advocacy to secure and advance Arab women’s economic rights in the context of the transitions in the region.