Knowledge Exchange Workshop on Apprenticeship and Youth Employment

Within the framework of the ILO project "Tripartite Action for Youth Employment in Jordan", a two-day workshop will be organized to identify priorities and agree on steps to be taken to upgrade apprenticeships and promote youth employment.

Worker, employer and government representatives and development partners will exchange knowledge, identify priorities and agree on steps to be taken to upgrade apprenticeships and promote youth employment at this two-day workshop within the framework of the project "Tripartite Action for Youth Employment in Jordan".

Formal technical and vocational education and training programmes are offered in Jordan within three major systems:

  • Technical education (Post Secondary) offered by community colleges;
  • Secondary education (Post Basic Education) which has two branches, academic and vocational;
  • applied secondary education that is mainly implemented by the Vocational Training Corporation (VTC).

Better and more broadly available apprenticeships can reduce youth unemployment and poverty when combined with national efforts to spur job growth. The contribution of apprenticeship to jobs and skills has long been appreciated by countries eager to promote growth and ease the transition from full-time education to work for young people. Quality apprenticeships based on robust social dialogue and public-private partnerships help young people overcome the work-inexperience trap that blocks their transition from education to employment.


  • Exchanging knowledge on apprenticeship and youth employment from international and national experiences
  • Identifying the steps to be taken for upgrading apprenticeship and improving the youth employment in Jordan


  • What can we learn from international experience? ILO case studies on apprenticeship
  • Hard cash or soft skills: presentation on the World Bank research on Jordan
  • Evaluation of ALMPs under the ETVET Fund
  • Apprenticeships and child labour: international standards and challenges in Jordan
  • UNDP mapping of youth employment activities in Jordan
  • EU experience in supporting apprenticeship schemes in MENA
  • New ILO initiatives in Jordan related to apprenticeships and skills development
  • Steps taken towards a template for apprenticeship contracts in Jordan