Resources on Qatar

  1. ILO: More decisive actions needed in Qatar

    13 February 2014

    ILO Deputy Director-General Gilbert Houngbo participated in a European Parliament hearing on sports and human rights in Qatar following recent allegations concerning unacceptable working and living conditions and human rights violations affecting migrant workers involved in the preparations of the 2022 World Cup.

  2. European Parliament hearing on sports and human rights in Qatar

    ILO Deputy Director-General will participate in a hearing on sports and human rights, held by the European Parliament Committee on Human Rights, focussing on the situation of migrant workers in Qatar.

  3. © K. Jaafar / Al-Watan Doha /AFP 2019

    ILO: Qatar’s workers’ charter took only some ILO recommendations

    11 February 2014

  4. Project Brief: Improving Labour Migration Governance and Combating Human Trafficking in the Middle East

    23 October 2013

  5. Labour problems in Qatar "eminently fixable" says ILO

    03 October 2013

    ILO Director General Guy Ryder discussed accusations of forced labour and other labour violations on Qatar's World Cup and other construction sites, saying that while there had been progress to address these issues on paper, implementation is the major problem but an "eminently fixable" one. He went on to say that Qatar has the resources to do the job and that the necessary political will needs to be applied on all sides before more lives are lost on construction sites.

  6. AGENDA: Arab Conference on Labour Market Governance in the Context of Changing Arab Societies

    24 September 2013

  7. The Arab Conference on Labour Market Governance - LIST OF PARTICIPANTS

    23 September 2013

  8. Pan-Arab conference aims to reform labour governance

    The ILO, Arab Labor Organization and high-level representatives from governments, unions and employers’ organizations will discuss labour market reform in the context of Arab transitions.

  9. Rethinking Informality in Light of the Arab Uprisings

    22 July 2013

    This paper provides an overview of the ILO conceptual framework on informality and discusses its implications by focusing on its relevance to the Arab region in light of recent developments

  10. ILO Regional Tripartite Conference on Promoting Convention 189: Raising Awareness and Sharing Knowledge

    The International Labour Organization will be organizing a tripartite knowledge-sharing conference on Decent Work for Domestic Workers. The purpose of this conference is to raise awareness on the ILO’s Convention No. 189 and Recommendation 201 and support efforts towards ratification and implementation.