Resources on Qatar

  1. Lured by a job, trapped in forced labour!

    03 May 2017

    In search of a job to support his family, a man accepts an offer from a recruiter and signs a contract for what looks like a good job with decent wages. Once at destination, the reality is very different.

  2. ILO/GCC Sub-regional Workshop on Enterprise Development in the Gulf Region: Establishing an Enabling Environment and Building on Best Practices

    The ILO Regional Office for Arab States is organizing a workshop with the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to promote the ILO-ILC2007 Conclusions on Sustainable Enterprises. This is a part of an ongoing cooperation agreement between the ILO and the GCC.

  3. Presentation: Fair Recruitment Modalities - An ILO Perspective

    24 January 2017

  4. The Colombo Declaration

    24 January 2017

    The Declaration, adopted by delegations of eighteen member countries of the ADD, including countries from Asia and the six Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, features guidelines in four areas for a collaborative agenda.

  5. © ILO 2020

    Ministerial meeting of Abu Dhabi Dialogue adopts Declaration that refers to ILO principles and guidelines for fair migration

    24 January 2017

    The fourth ministerial meeting of the Abu Dhabi Dialogue concluded with a Declaration on migrant workers or ‘temporary contract workers’ by delegations of eighteen member countries from Asia and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

  6. © Marcel Crozet / ILO 2020

    ILO’s Asia Pacific labour conference agrees to enhance labour migration governance in the interrelated regions of Asia and the Arab States

    15 December 2016

    The meeting discussed issues affecting employment and the world of work in the Asia, Pacific and Arab States including labour migration.

  7. Summary report of information session: Fair Migration with a focus on Recruitment

    14 December 2016

    The information session on fair migration with a special focus on recruitment was chaired and moderated by Mr Houngbo, Deputy Director General for Field Operations, ILO.

  8. ILO participates in the Abu Dhabi Dialogue Third Ministerial Consultation on labour migration

    The ILO will meet with officials from Arab Gulf and Asian nations at the Third Ministerial Consultation of the Abu Dhabi Dialogue to devise future programmes on migrant worker recruitment and internal labour market mobility.

  9. Presentation: An ILO Agenda for Fair Migration, Including Fair Recruitment

    25 October 2016

  10. Agenda: Abu Dhabi Dialogue - Third Ministerial Consultation

    25 October 2016