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Worker-management Joint Committees in Qatar celebrate International Workers’ Day

Workers’ and management representatives in Qatar celebrated Labour Day by sharing the positive experience and impact of Joint Committees in their enterprise, and their commitment to social dialogue and workplace cooperation.

Feature | Doha, Qatar | 01 May 2022
Joint Committees members around Qatar joined the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Ministry of Labour to mark this year’s International Workers’ Day by celebrating social dialogue and workers’ voice on social media.

Joint Committees bring together management and elected workers’ representatives to discuss a wide range of workplace issues at the enterprise level. As of 2022, 40 Joint Committees have been established in multiple companies across sectors in Qatar, including transport, hospitality and catering, construction, and private security.

The ILO is working closely with the Ministry of Labour to support the establishment and operation of Joint Committees in Qatar, showing growing commitment to social dialogue and workplace cooperation in the country.
The social media campaign for International Workers’ Day in Qatar put Joint Committees front and center, showcasing statements from Joint Committee workers’ and management representatives about the value of workers’ voice, welfare, managing labour relations for workplace dispute prevention, safety and health, and productivity.

Cultivating Social Dialogue

The 11 companies that joined the campaign reflected on the changes they have observed in labour-management relations in their enterprise since the establishment of a Joint Committee.

Transport sector giants Mowasalat Karwa and Abdulla Abdulghani & Bros. (AAB) published statements from their elected Joint Committee workers’ and management representatives.

Mowasalat Karwa’s posts included a statement from the Joint Committee chairperson, Khalid Hassen Kafoud, as well as testimonials from two elected workers’ representatives, Rawlings Turkson and Ahmed Kiwanuka Kyongo, who noted how the Joint Committee has helped improve Mowasalat’s services, productivity, and relationship with their employees.
Arvind Rajagopalan, AAB’s worker representative, stars in a video stressing the positive impact he has witnessed since starting his journey with the Joint Committee.

Radisson Blu Hotel in Doha also joined the campaign with a cheerful video of their Joint Committee members, celebrating the achievements they have made since the committee was established.

Celebrating Workers’ Voice

Evelyn Rena and Justice Idun, workers’ representatives from Qatar International Cables Company (QICC-Nexans), spoke about their rewarding experience as Joint Committee members and the value of the capacity-building trainings received from the ILO and Ministry of Labour in helping them step up their roles.

Al Mukhtar Contracting & Trading Co., who established their committee in 2019, highlighted how the Joint Committee platform gave workers the confidence and ability to express themselves, fostering improved labour management relations through consistent communication.

Qatar Manpower Solutions (WISA) highlighted teamwork within their Joint Committee:

Finally, Moteri Auto Care Solutions and AAB Warehouse Solutions marked Labour Day 2022 with an appreciative nod to their workers.

Interest in promoting social dialogue and workers’ voice is growing in Qatar. The ILO hopes to see more companies establishing Joint Committees in a bid to improve workplace cooperation and build the foundations for national labour-management dialogue.