Resources on Jordan

  1. ILO, JCC and partners discuss amendments to cooperative legislation in the country

    27 January 2023

    The proposed modifications to the country’s cooperative law are meant to eventually lead to revised legislation, paving the way for an autonomous, inclusive and self-reliant cooperative movement in Jordan.

  2. Third meeting of the Policy Working Group in Jordan

    24 January 2023

  3. ILO leads MENA leadership programme to promote a just transition to a green future of work

    20 January 2023

    Worker, employer and government representatives from the region met online to gain a better understanding gained a better understanding of how to shape policies to implement climate change commitments.

  4. Norway increases funds for boosting social security for vulnerable workers in Jordan

    12 January 2023

    The new funding for the Estidama++ Fund in Jordan enhances the social security rights of vulnerable workers in the country by extending social security coverage.

  5. Expanding Social insurance for agricultural workers in NENA countries

    04 January 2023

    This project aimed at creating a space for dialogue between agencies and governments in the Near East and North Africa on the expansion of social protection for agricultural workers in the region, as well as to produce a series of policy briefs based on the best practices identified through document review and structured discussions with stakeholders and experts.

  6. Preparatory Workshop for the National Social Protection Strategy Steering Committee Meeting - Jordan

    28 December 2022

  7. TRANSFORM Programme Emphasizes Collaboration in Social Protection Sector - Jordan

    28 December 2022

  8. Jordan launches first ILO SCORE Training programme in the Middle East

    21 December 2022

    The training is set to improve SMEs’ productivity and working conditions in the agri-food sector in the country.

  9. Better Work Jordan End-of-year newsletter

    20 December 2022

  10. UN Women and ILO hold the 4th annual meeting of the regional Joint Strategic Coordination Committee for the Work for Women programme

    18 December 2022