Apprenticeship systems are increasingly recognised as a key element to tackle the youth employment crisis. Accordingly, the ILO’s Call for Action on Youth Employment recommends calls for improvements the scope and types of apprenticeships in a manner that:
  • complements learning in the workplace with more structured institutional learning;
  • upgrades the training skills of master craftspeople and trainers overseeing apprenticeships;
  • includes literacy training and livelihood skills in apprenticeships; and
  • strengthens community involvement, especially to open more occupations for young women and other vulnerable groups of young people.
In the Arab region, the ILO supports the set up and strengthening of apprenticeship systems by upgrading informal apprenticeships in Jordan based on an ILO methodology tested in Africa and supporting the establishment and strengthening of national apprenticeship systems through assessment of their impact and direct technical support.

A tool kit for the design and strengthening of apprenticeship systems is expected to be complete by mid-2015.