Full and timely implementation of Iraq’s Pensions and Social Security Law critically needed

A two-day seminar in Karbala by the Al-Nabaa Dialogue Forum and the ILO, funded by the EU, highlighted the importance of implementing Iraq’s newly enacted Retirement and Social Security Law for Workers.

Press release | 08 December 2023
Jumana Jasim, Research Associate at Al Naba Center. ©Mohammed Mahdi Ali/ Al-Nabaa
KARBALA (ILO News) - In a significant step towards enhancing the landscape of labour legislation and social security in Iraq, Al-Nabaa Dialogue Forum, in partnership with the International Labour Organization (ILO) and supported by the European Union, recently held a pivotal two-day seminar and workshop in Karbala. This event, centred on the theme "Retirement and Social Security Law for Workers: Legislation and Implementation Mechanisms."

The recent enactment of the Retirement and Social Security Law for Workers No. (18) of 2023 marked a crucial stride in Iraq's commitment to reforming its labour laws and expanding social protections. The seminar aimed to underscore the urgency of its full and timely implementation.

The seminar included key speeches from the Iraqi Council of Representatives and expert interventions from the ILO and the Al-Nabaa Dialogue Forum. The event also featured the active participation from trade unions, government institutions, and academic representatives, fostering a comprehensive dialogue on the law's practical applications.

Mr. Ali Al-Talqani, President of Al-Nabaa Dialogue Forum, emphasized the ongoing efforts of the forum in collaboration with the ILO. He highlighted the importance of continuous awareness and response to the needs of citizens, employers, and various social groups.

Mr. Igor Bosc, Chief Technical Advisor for Social Security at the ILO, reinforced the centrality of social protection in policy-making. He stressed the new system's recognition of work's central role, including in the private sector, as a key enabler for social protection benefits.

The discussions notably focused on addressing the technical and practical challenges of implementing the law. This included considerations of financial sustainability and the protection of vulnerable communities.

Firas Al-Muslawi, a Member of Parliament, praised the Social Security Law as one of the most significant legislations of the current parliament. He underlined the inclusion of various irregular professions under the law, highlighting its broad scope and the provision of retirement salary and health insurance to beneficiaries and their families.

The seminar concluded with extensive training, discussions, and plans for future actions to ensure the effective implementation of the law, reflecting a shared commitment to advancing the rights and protections of workers in Iraq.

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