The ILO publishes a wide range of books, reports, working papers, training manuals, CD-ROMs, videos and flash movies, relevant to China and Mongolia. Some of these can be downloaded directly. Others can be requested from the ILO Library in Beijing.


  1. Report of National Child Labour Survey 2006-2007

    01 August 2008

    The survey was conducted by the National Statistical Office at the request from the International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour of the International Labour Organization (ILO-IPEC) and with its financial and technical assistance.

  2. Rural-urban migration and policy responses in China: Challenges and options

    01 July 2008

    Examines the recent history of rural-urban labour migration in China in the process of its rapid socioeconomic transformation.

  3. School-to-work-transitions in Mongolia

    20 February 2008

    Employment Working Paper No. 14

  4. Value Chain Development for Employment Promotion - Case of a VCD Pilot Project in Ningxia Autonomous Region

    30 January 2008

    The project goal is to promote local economic and employment development by assisting SMEs to explore niche markets in value chains and improve their business operations.


  1. ABC of Women Worker’s Rights and Gender Equality

    02 October 2007

    Second edition


  1. ILO/IPEC Best Practice and Lessons learnt: National Programme for Prevention and Elimination of Child Labour in Mongolia, II Phase

    01 August 2006

    The report shares best practices and lessons learnt of 21 projects implemented by the Government, employers' and workers' organizations, non-government organizations and universities and colleges in the area of child labour advocacy, capacity development, child labour monitoring and community participation and partnership in elimination of the worst forms of child labour, implemented under ILO/IPEC project II phase (2002-2005) with the financial support of the US Department of Labor. The report is available only in Mongolian.

  2. Baseline survey on child and adult workers in informal gold and fluorspar mining

    01 August 2006

    The baseline survey was conducted with financial assistance of IPEC, ILO and professional assistance of Regional SIMPOC expert, ILO based at SRO-New Delhi, India.

  3. Internal Labour Migration in China: Features and Responses

    30 April 2006

    Rather than an exhaustive and lengthy examination of labour migration in China, this descriptive analysis offers the brevity, clarity and the most recent data available to depict a rapidly changing environment, in terms of both policy and on-the-ground realities. Part 1 highlights some of the features of migrant workers and the migration process, Part 2 considers governmental and non-governmental policy and programme responses to the phenomenon, and Part 3 specifically looks at the role the International Labour Organization plays in supporting migrants’ transition into decent work in China’s towns and cities.

  4. Perspectives on the social security system of China

    30 March 2006

    The essential aim of the present study is an integrated understanding, in its relevant historical context, of the past, present and projected development of the social security system of China. In order to do so, an assessment is made of each of the benefit programmes administered either directly or indirectly under the auspices of the government, including both the social insurance programmes under the supervision of the MOLSS and the social assistance programme administered by the Ministry of Civil Affairs (MOCA). These aspects form the subjects of, respectively, Chapters 1 and 2. Chapter 3 offers a social protection development agenda, designed to address strategic issues and possible directions which policy makers may wish to consider for the optimal delivery of social protection to the people of China.

  5. Extending Old-age Insurance Coverage in the People’s Republic of China

    30 January 2006

    In 2004 and 2005 the ILO undertook a study, in cooperation with the Ministry of Labour and Social Security (MOLSS) of the People’s Republic of China, to identify ways to extend the coverage of China’s old-age insurance system.

  6. National Plan of Action for Decent Work in Mongolia

    01 January 2006

    In order to meet the challenges ahead, in the areas of ILO mandate, Mongolia is in the process of finalizing the "National Plan of Action for Decent Work in Mongolia, 2005-2008". The Plan builds on the major policy work already conducted by the Government of Mongolia.

  7. Decent Work Country Programme in Mongolia

    01 January 2006

    Contributing to realizing decent work in Mongolia.

  8. Child domestic labour in South East and East Asia: Emerging good practices to combat it

    01 January 2006

    Explores the current child domestic labour situation in the region and actions being taken to combat it.


  1. Job and work analysis : guidelines on identifying jobs for persons with disabilities

    01 December 2005

    Provides advice to placement officers on how to find meaningful employment for people with disabilities. Highlights the process of job and work analysis.

  2. Guidelines for Developing Child Labour Monitoring Processes

    01 November 2005

    The guideline provides information on how to design, develop and operate child labour monitoring ans describes a genetic model of the process of child labour monitoring along with practical examples that will help you to adopt the model to specific child labour situations.

  3. Baseline survey on child domestic workers in Mongolia

    01 August 2005

    The main objective with the collection of primary data is to be able to estimate the urban incidence of CDWs in Ulaanbaatar and to estimate the rural incidence of CDWs in the three selected rural aimags. The survey results are expected to clarify the differences in the realities facing child domestic workers in urban and rural areas in Mongolia.

  4. Study on policy evaluation and recommendations for flexible employment in china

    30 July 2005

    In the Study on the current situation of flexible employment in China - coverage, evolution and status, we have already researched into the concept, definition, type, scale, distribution and impact of various flexible employment forms in China. This report will go on to discuss about the adjustment in China’s legislation, institution and policy in response to increased flexibility in the labor market.

  5. China Youth Employment Report — Analysis Report of China’s Survey on School to Work Transition

    30 May 2005

    The School to Work Transition Survey is the first sizable investigation in China on issues relating to employment of young people that makes use of research methodologies from International Labor Organizations, which will just meet the need of the research on China’s youth employment.

  6. Analysis report of the baseline survey for the TICW Project Phase II in Yunnan province

    01 January 2005

    Gives details of the findings from interviews carried out in 2004, of some 7,000 persons in six sending areas (County of Yuanyang, Jinping, Hekou, Pu’er, Menglian and Ximeng) and two receiving areas (District of Wuhua and Panlong) in Yunnan province.

  7. Labour migration 2003-2005: the work of the ILO to improve labour migration management policy and protection of migrant workers in East Asia

    01 January 2005

    An overview of ILO´s work on labour migration management policy and protection of migrant workers, helping governments, workers' and employers' organizations to take action on migration and trafficking in East Asia.