Decent Work Country Programme for China 2023-2025

In setting out the framework, Decent Work Country Programme 2023-2025 paves the way for ILO and China to promote social justice and advance decent work for all.

The new DWCP is fully aligned to and designed to support implementation of decent work elements of China's 14th Five Year Development Plan and relevant national laws, policies, strategies and plans. It further aligns with the 14th Five-Year Plan of MOHRSS, the 14th Five-Year Plan of the ACFTU and the priorities of the CEC. With respect to the ILO's global policy frameworks, the DWCP set forward four priority collaboration areas:

► Promote full, gender-responsive and inclusive and high-quality employment.
► Promote and extend social protection in and out of the workplace.
► Promote and strengthen harmonious labour relations and better working conditions.
► Expand and strengthen the contribution of China's international exchange and cooperation partnerships to the achievement of the decent work components of the SDGs.