Social security

Mongolia policy brief: Ratifying the ILO Social Security (Minimum Standards) Convention, 1952 (No.102)

This policy brief provides information on the ILO Social Security (Minimum Standards) Convention, 1952 (No.102) and possibility and advantages of Mongolia’s ratification.

Convention No.102, the flagship Convention of the ILO in the field of social security, is a key tool used by countries to guide reform leading to the establishment of comprehensive social security systems at national level, and it also serves as a reference at the regional and international levels.

A legal assessment undertaken by the International Labour Office on the compatibility of the national legislation with the requirements of each Part (branch) of the Convention No.102, concludes that Mongolia is technically in a position to ratify Convention No.102 starting by accepting its obligations in respect of medical care (Part II), sickness benefit (Part III), employment injury benefit (Part VI), unemployment benefit (Part IV), family benefit (child allowance) (Part VII) and maternity benefit (Part VIII).