SDG-Aligned Budgeting to Transform Employment in Mongolia

Decent Work for Youth Network members are to advance labour rights for youth

A two-day workshop on youth rights at work was recently held in Ulaanbataar as part of the “SDG-Aligned Budgeting to Transform Employment in Mongolia” project, funded by the European Union.

The workshop brought together more than 60 members of the National Decent Work for Youth Network (DWYN) representing workers, employers from a variety of economic sectors, from construction to textile, as well as representatives of the government and youth development centres.

Group discussions during the workshop on rights at work for youth. © ILO
The training was designed to support Decent Work for Youth Network (DWYN) members, a diverse group representing workers, employers, the government, and youth organizations, in their initiatives to increase young people's awareness of their rights at work decent work in the context of newly revised labour law and to improve their capacity to better engage in the network activities to promote decent work with the ILO, MLSP, and its partners in a more inclusive and sustainable way.

Decent Work for Youth Network was established in Mongolia in 2018 with the support of the ILO, with an objective to enhance public-private sector collaboration and partnership in the areas of youth development, employment, and labour rights and to promote opportunities for young women and men to obtain decent and productive work.

Young people enter the labour market without knowing their basic rights provided under the Labour Law. Having participated in this training, I have strengthened my knowledge about labour law and labour standards, and I will definitely use this knowledge when I council my customers at the Youth Development centre, who are mostly young job seekers."

Lkhagva-Orlom Tsendjav, Specialist at Töv Province Youth Development Centre
Lkhagva-Orlom Tsendjav, training workshop participant. © ILO
During the interactive training workshop, participants examined key features of employment contracts, key areas of the revised labour law relevant to youth, and explored global labour market trends, the concept of decent work and the fundamental principles and rights that protect them in the workplace.

Group exercises are conducted during the training. © ILO
Participants also engaged in role-plays, workplace simulations, and in-depth case studies about labour disputes, as well as occupational health and safety in the workplace to help young people protect themselves, manage conflict in the workplace and negotiate decent conditions of work. Before leaving, participants developed actions plans about how to implement the learnings in their own organisations after the training.

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Tselmeg Urtnasan
Project Communication Officer
Country Office for China and Mongolia