ILO/MONEF Orientation Workshops on IN BUSINESS Programme

With technical inputs of ILO ACT/EMP, the Mongolian Employers’ Federation (MONEF) will organize a series of orientation workshops on IN BUSINESS training programme for identified public and private stakeholders and interested potential vendors.


Under the ILO-project “Promoting formal employment for inclusive and diversified economic growth in Mongolia” (MNG/18/01/RBS), MONEF is rolling out the ILO In Business programme to assist micro and small business units in the informal economy.

IN BUSINESS is an innovative programme designed by the ILO to strengthen business management skills and networking among micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. It provides effective tools and a low cost model for Employers’ Organizations (EOs) to support business membership associations in delivering commercially sustainable, demand-driven training services and support.

Given the fact that the vast majority of enterprises in Mongolia are classified as micro and small (MSEs), it is crucial to strengthen them. Various evidence suggests that the biggest challenges which MSEs are facing nowadays are funding, accessibility of services, and capabilities of human resources (ILO, MONEF and EPCRC 2015; and BOM 2018).

Through In Business programme, MONEF will directly support Mongolian MSEs, as well as informal units while creating a network of well-capacitated service providers to serve broader needs of targeted businesses. As part of this work, MONEF has tailored and customized selected modules and tools of In Business programme to the needs of Mongolian businesses.


  • To introduce the programme and tools to business development service providers, member associations and chapters, and financial institutions with an interest in extending services and assistance to micro and small business units in the informal economy.
  • To get feedback on the tools, the training methodology and proposed design of the national programme.


  • Orientation workshop for MONEF regional chapters, industrial associations and other potential vendors, 21 May 2021
  • Orientation workshop for relevant Ministries, government agencies and public funds including SME Development Fund and Employment Promotion Fund, 28 May 2021
  • Orientation workshop for banks and financial institutions, 4 June 2021

Target participants

About 75 participants representing relevant government organizations, public funds, banks, financial institutions, industrial and provincial employers’ associations, and business development service providers will be invited.