ILO-MOHRSS Training Workshop on Socially Responsible Labour Practices for Labour Inspectors

The ILO RSCA programme in China together with Chinese Academy of Labour and Social Security (CALSS) and Zhangjiagang Human Resources and Social Security Bureau co-hosted a training workshop titled “ILO-MOHRSS Training Workshop on Socially Responsible Labour Practices for Labour Inspectors” in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu, China on 16 September 2020.

The objective was to deliver training on socially responsible labour practice for labour inspectors in line with International labour standards, the MNE Declaration and the corporate social responsibility (CSR) / responsible business conduct (RBC) policy frameworks. This training aimed to raise labour inspectors’ awareness on CSR/RBC as well as global supply chains; strengthen labour inspectors’ understanding of key national labour laws and newly-released laws and regulations, standardization of strict enforcement; enhance their labour inspection enforcement level and credibility.

The training sessions focused on: 
  • International labour standards and CSR in global supply chains, how to promote responsible supply chains 
  • Wages and payments - Regulation on guaranteeing wages for migrant workers
  • Labour contract law and labour inspection enforcement
  • Standardization of the labour and social security inspection enforcement 
  • The status, challenges and recommendations on labour-related CSR in China's electronic and textile supply chains
41 labour inspectors participated in the training.

As a part of the EU-ILO-OECD Responsible Supply Chains in Asia Programme, the training has laid down a good knowledge foundation for labour inspectors to understand internationally recognized responsible labour practices in supply chains and will strengthen their strategic opportunities and challenges to comply.