ILO/MONEF Work Planning Exercise for Promoting Formalization Project

This is a work planning exercise with MONEF to operationalize an Employer lead component under the ILO RBSA project “Promoting formal employment for inclusive and diversified economic growth"


MONEF Work planning exercise
In June 2018, the 107th International Labour Conference adopted a roadmap for "Effective ILO development cooperation in support of the Sustainable Development Goals." It calls on the Office to effectively integrate the Decent Work Agenda and the added-value of tripartism, normative action and social dialogue in the implementation of the reform of UN Development System (UNDS) at the national level. The ILO's service to its constituents should aim to strengthen their institutional capacities to participate in achieving the SDGs, including by acting upon the recommendations from the ILO supervisory bodies regarding the implementation of international labour standards.

Responding to this mandate, and recognising that Mongolia's ability to achieve Mongolia's Sustainable Development Vision 2030 is inhibited by the growing informal economy, lower productivity, poor working conditions and decent work deficits; the ILO is implementing a new project to support constituents in promoting effective and sustainable transitions from the informal to the formal economy for 2019-2020. Key project outputs include:
  1. A knowledge-based strategy to promote sustainable transitions from the informal to the formal economy in the contexts of UNDS reform is developed and implemented by the tripartite constituents in partnership with key development actors;
  2. More and better outreach services to promote the formalization of economic units operating in the informal economy advocated by MONEF including through alliances with organizations of informal enterprises;
  3. Technical assistance provided to the government to increase the efficiency of labour and workplace inspections with a view to facilitate the transition to formality, with a special attention to young and women workers;
  4. Enhanced visibility and increased participation of ILO constituents in the development and implementation of the UNDAF.
MONEF Work planning exercise
Under the project, it is envisioned that MONEF will undertake research and analysis of the factors inhibiting enterprise formalization as well as to develop formal policy positions and tailored services and assistance. With the support of the ILO in Mongolia, MONEF will also aim to mobilize the support of the UNCT and play a more visible role in national policy debates, programmatic efforts and multilateral partnerships to realize SDG 8 and other goals related to decent work.

Objective of the workshop

The objective of the work planning exercise is to develop a work plan to:
(1) strengthen MONEFs capacity to provide effective and sustainable outreach services and assistance to enterprises in the informal economy;
(2) support MONEF to contribute to the knowledge-based strategy being developed in the context of the UNDS reform;
(3) and, support MONEF to play an active and effective role in the development and implementation of the UNDAF;