CMTU Training Seminar for Trade Unionists Representing Informal Sector Workers

The Confederation of Mongolian Trade Unions (CMTU) is organizing a two day capacity building training for trade unionists representing informal sector workers within the framework of the ILO/EU project to support GSP+ Beneficiary Countries to Effectively Implement ILS and Comply with Reporting Obligations – Mongolia.

The informal economy is a major source of employment and entrepreneurial activity, as well as an integral part of the overall economy in Mongolia. Approximately 223,000 people worked in the informal economy, mainly in wholesale and retail trade and transportation; of whom 97.6 per cent considered it their primary form of employment (NSO, 2017). Workers in SMEs and in the informal economy are often not adequately represented by any association.

The National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia calls on legislative action, enforcement, monitoring of FPRW and safety compliance, and action by workers and employers to ensure greater compliance, enhanced representation and inclusion of SMEs and informal economy operators in policy dialogue and efforts for action based on its study on labour rights in small and medium-sized enterprises in Mongolia (2017). CMTU recognizes the need of strengthening the existing informal sector unions and improving its services and protection by adequately addressing their issues in the policy dialogues and negotiations at various levels.

The training seminar aims at sharing up-to-date information and knowledge on legal and policy issues that affect workers in the informal economy, identifying challenges they face and discuss actions to solve these challenges with unions. About 40 representatives of the informal sector unions will attend the training seminar.

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