ILO/CMTU Introductory Training on SDGs, Targets and Indicators with a Focus on Decent Work

The training aims at familiarizing trade union officers and representatives with SDGs, targets and indicators and discussing those most matter to unions. It is part of wider efforts to develop organizational capacity of the Confederation of Mongolian Trade Unions (CMTU) to monitor Mongolia’s SDG progress effectively.

Introductory training on SDGs, targets and indicators with a focus on decent work
Workers’ organizations at the national level have specific roles to play in advocating SDG achievements. As highlighted by the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), trade unions involvements in SDGs are specifically “through their everyday work in upholding freedom of association and collective bargaining rights, and in promoting decent work and the rights of working people, trade unions are essential to achieving these development objectives. Through social dialogue, they further enhance the democratic ownership of the drive for development; put the focus on the real impact on the ground; and boost the accountability of other actors involved, such as the private sector.” As an active promoter of decent work for all workers in Mongolia, CMTU wishes to improve its capacity to effectively monitor progress of and advocate for implementation of selected SDGs, targets and indicators. CMTU staff, representatives of industrial and provincial trade union federations affiliated with CMTU attended the training.