Mongolia’s Reporting Obligation on ILO Conventions

50 representatives of government, workers’ and employers’ organization gather to improve their understanding about the ILO’s mechanism to supervise the application of International Labour Standards and Mongolia’s reports on its application of ratified conventions that have been submitted to the ILO’s Committee of Experts on the Application of Conventions and Recommendations (CEACR).


Demonstrating a progress in labour market governance and giving full effect to fundamental labour standards is important to Mongolia’s trade interest, especially with regards to maintaining its status in the European Union’s Generalized Schemes of Preferences (GSP Plus). Mongolia has ratified 20 ILO conventions, including all 8 fundamental conventions. Its reports on the application of the conventions have been overdue due to the lack of capacity in the government, employers’ and workers’ organizations. In October 2015, Mongolia submitted to the ILO Committee of Experts on the Application of Conventions and Recommendations (CEACR) its reports on the application of ILO conventions concerning child labour, forced labour and freedom of association and collective bargaining. The CEACR reviewed the reports in its 2015 annual session and have subsequently issued its comments. Six reports are due in 2016 namely the reports on the application of the gender equality conventions, the employment convention, the tripartite consultation convention and the vocational training and rehabilitation (disabled people) convention.

ILO specialist at the workshop
The workshop “Mongolia’s Reporting Obligation on ILO Conventions” is organized by the Ministry of Labour of Mongolia with technical assistance from the ILO. Mr Alain Pelcé, Senior International Labour Standards and Labour Law Specialist from the ILO Decent Work Team for East and South-East Asia and the Pacific (ILO DWT Bangkok) leads the technical presentation and discussion. He is also joined by a representative of the Ministry of Labour.

The workshop is organized with funding from the EU within the framework of the “CAMELS - Sustaining GSP-Plus status by strengthened national capacities to improve ILS compliance and reporting – Mongolia” project.


The workshop aims to contribute to improved national capacity in ILS compliance specially with regards to:
  • To provide a comprehensive overview of Mongolia’s reporting obligation on ratified international labour standards;
  • To clarify the comments and requests related to the application of fundamental conventions provided by the ILO Committee of Experts on the Application of Conventions and Recommendations.


50 representatives of government agencies, National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia, Confederation of Mongolia Trade Unions, Mongolian Employers’ Federation.

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