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Scaling up SCORE Training in Huzhou-The Mid-term Workshop on Learning and Experience Sharing

Under the strategic partnership with State Administration and Work Safety (SAWS), Huzhou kicked off its SCORE Project in March 2017 and more than 50 enterprises started the SCORE training and factory walk-through improvement consultation. The Huzhou SCORE Project mid-term workshop on learning and experience sharing was organized on 15 Nov. 2017 in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province to promote information sharing and facilitate experience learning.

News | Beijing, China | 15 November 2017
Based on the success generated by the first 20 enterprises in Nanxun and Deqing in the past two years, the local Department Administration of Work Safety has determined to scale up SCORE training to 1,000 enterprises across the city by the end of 2019. Before extending SCORE into more enterprises, Huzhou Department of Administration and Work Safety initiated the midterm workshop to reflect the progress of the SCORE Project in these 50 enterprises, in particular the achievements, challenges and opportunities in the course of SCORE Training at workplace level.

According to the local Department of Administration of Work Safety in Huzhou, the two-year SCORE piloting in Nanxun and Deqing has generated good results, in particular, 5,100 suggestions for improvement proposed by frontline workers, more than 4,300 improvement projects carried out leading to saving of 50 million RMB. In addition, the total amount of work safety inspection has increased by 260%, and the number of work accidents has decreased by 70%.

“We need to reflect deeply what makes Nanxun and Deqing successful? What experience and lessons can Huzhou learn, and is the success of Nanxun and Deqing replicable? “Mr. Dai Xiaochu, Deputy Director, ILO Office for China and Mongolia posed these questions in his opening remarks, “Today the workshop on experience sharing is critical and lessons of the SCORE Training in the 50 enterprises will be significant for SCORE’s scaling up across the city. Better understanding the past will lead us to a more successful and bright future”.

As everyone knows that SCORE is not the end, rather a means and a methodology. SCORE could be more dynamic and effective only if it is integrated into the national and local partners’ programs. Mr. Dai highly appraised the efforts done by the Department of Administration of Work Safety at different levels to incorporate SCORE methodology into work safety standardization program, work safety credit mechanism, and the explorative practices such as ‘Sihua Management’ in Nanxun, establishment of the risk inspection and management system in Deqing and informatization construction in Anji and so forth.

Huzhou still has a long way to go to achieve decent work in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises. There is no doubt that experience and lessons drawn from Huzhou including Nanxun and Deqing could be passed on to more provinces in the country. As part of the global SCORE project, experience of Huzhou may contribute to sustainability of enterprises in other countries, in particular those involved in One Belt and One Road Initiative, and other SCORE participant countries.