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Press Releases

  1. ILO and tripartite partners identifies key areas of collaboration for the future of social security in China

    01 December 2023

    ILO and its tripartite partners jointly discussed the priorities for the future of social security in China.

  2. Protecting mining workers’ safety and health through South-South Cooperation between ILO, China and Zambia

    22 November 2023

    The ILO, Ministry of Emergency Management of China and key stakeholders in Zambia joined hands in making a contribution towards protecting mining workers’ safe and health in Zambia through a South-South Cooperation Programme on building the capacity of mining companies.

  3. Safe and healthy workplaces and workers: a key premise of sustainable development

    07 November 2023

    Government, companies and other key stakeholders in China jointly identify solutions for more innovative work safety governance in the context of open trade, globalization and multilateralism at the 6th Hongqiao International Economic Forum.

  4. ILO Assistant Director-General and Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific meets its tripartite partners in China

    20 October 2023

    ILO Assistant Director-General and Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific Chihoko Asada-Miyakawa met the ILO's tripartite partners in China.

  5. ILO and China collaborate to enhance high-quality employment through promoting south-south cooperation within the Belt and Road initiative

    20 October 2023

    ILO and MOHRSS joined forces in hosting the Seminar on Promoting High-quality Employment in Beijing.