Mongolia resources

June 2019

  1. Formal Employment Is Promoted for Inclusive and Diversified Economic Growth in Mongolia

    1 January 2019 - 31 December 2020

    The project, funded from the ILO Regular Budget Supplementary Account, focuses on facilitating progressive transitions from the informal to the formal economy in in Mongolia. The actions under the project will give effect to the ILO’s roadmap for “Effective ILO development cooperation in support of the Sustainable Development Goals” and the ILO Transitions from the Informal Economy to the Formal Economy Recommendation, 2015 (No 204). Further it provides support to the government in addressing the Direct Request of the ILO Committee of Experts on the Application of Conventions and Recommendations on Mongolia’s application of the Employment Policy Convention No 122.

May 2019

  1. The ILO in Mongolia

    This Mongolia Leaflet gives an overview of ILO activities in Mongolia. It summarizes the ILO’s history in the country, and outlines the work undertaken by the ILO in cooperation with the government and social partners on a wide range of work and workplace issues.

  2. Video message by Ms Tomoko Nishimoto, ILO's Assistant Director-General and Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific

    The video message was presented to the National Conference of Labour Social Protection Sector held on 17 May 2019 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

  3. Training Seminar on International Labour Standards

    8 May 2019

    This training will focus on strengthening the capacity of the Mongolian constituents on ILS reporting.

April 2019

  1. Accelerating the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals through decent work: SDG monitoring and country profile for Mongolia [Fact Sheet]

    This infographic helps readers to easily understand Mongolia’s labour and employment situation with available SDG Decent Work indicators. It also highlights the key changes in the Labour Force Survey methodology in line with international practice that were put in effect from 2019.

  2. Judicial use of International Labour Law

    Video session on judicial use of international labour law for lawyers (in the Mongolian language)

  3. International Labour Standards on Equality of Opportunity and Treatment

    Video session on international labour standards on equality of opportunity and treatment for lawyers (in the Mongolian language)

  4. International Labour Standards on Elimination of Child labour

    Video session on international labour standards on elimination of child labour for lawyers (in the Mongolian language)

  5. International Labour Standards on Forced Labour

    Video session on international labour standards on forced labour for lawyers (in the Mongolian language)

March 2019

  1. Video message of Mr Tite Habiyakare, ILO Regional Labour Statistician

    The video message was presented to the ILO/NSO workshop to launch a report "SDG monitoring and Country Profile for Mongolia" held on 1 March 2019 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.