China resources

  1. Opening address on the Third China International Forum on Work Safety

    19 September 2006

    By Mr Assane Diop, ILO Executive Director, Social Protection Sector

  2. Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB)

    01 July 2006

    The objective of the project is to facilitate the socio-economic integration of particularly vulnerable target groups among the local migrant community by enabling them to start-up and run their own small social businesses.

  3. Speech at 7th International Congress on Work Injuries,Rehabilitation and Compensation

    27 June 2006

    By Ms Constance Thomas, Director, ILO Office for China and Mongolia

  4. Remarks at SIYB Phase II Evaluation Meeting

    19 June 2006

    By Ms Constance Thomas, Director, ILO Office for China and Mongolia

  5. Opening remarks at Workshop on Financial Support Programs for Micro-enterprises Development

    24 May 2006

    By Mr Zhang Guoqing, Deputy Director, ILO Office for China and Mongolia

  6. Opening address at CEC-ACWF-ILO Field Test and TOT Workshop “GET Ahead for Women in Enterprise”

    09 May 2006

    By Mr Satoshi Sasaki,Specialist on Enterprise Development and Job Creation, ILO Office for China and Mongolia

  7. Internal Labour Migration in China: Features and Responses

    30 April 2006

    Rather than an exhaustive and lengthy examination of labour migration in China, this descriptive analysis offers the brevity, clarity and the most recent data available to depict a rapidly changing environment, in terms of both policy and on-the-ground realities. Part 1 highlights some of the features of migrant workers and the migration process, Part 2 considers governmental and non-governmental policy and programme responses to the phenomenon, and Part 3 specifically looks at the role the International Labour Organization plays in supporting migrants’ transition into decent work in China’s towns and cities.

  8. Welcome speech at International Conference on Partnerships on Occupational Safety and Health Inspection

    13 April 2006

    By Ms Constance Thomas, Director, ILO Office for China and Mongolia

  9. HIV/AIDS Workplace Education Programme in China

    01 April 2006

    The Programme aims to counter workplace discrimination and stigma related to HIV status and to address the prevention-care continuum by providing behaviour change communication programmes and information on access to care, support and treatment.

  10. Perspectives on the social security system of China

    30 March 2006

    The essential aim of the present study is an integrated understanding, in its relevant historical context, of the past, present and projected development of the social security system of China. In order to do so, an assessment is made of each of the benefit programmes administered either directly or indirectly under the auspices of the government, including both the social insurance programmes under the supervision of the MOLSS and the social assistance programme administered by the Ministry of Civil Affairs (MOCA). These aspects form the subjects of, respectively, Chapters 1 and 2. Chapter 3 offers a social protection development agenda, designed to address strategic issues and possible directions which policy makers may wish to consider for the optimal delivery of social protection to the people of China.