About the office

The programmes of the ILO Country Office for China and Mongolia promote and support the ILO's Decent Work Agenda such as agreed with the constituents in the Decent Work Country Pogramme established for both China and Mongolia.

The focus of these programmes is to advance social justice and promote decent work for all. The ILO programmes and projects cover issues as such the ratification and implementation of international labour standards; the strengthening of sustainable enterprises and supply chains; the extension and improvement of social protection benefits; the implementation of health and safety standards especially in SMEs; the protection of vulnerable groups of workers including these living with HIV/AIDS and disabilities; and the adequate labour and social protection for workers in non-standard forms of employment such as those working in the informal or gig economies. The ILO carries out these programmes and policies taking into account the gender dimension and the unequal position of women in the world of work. Finally, strengthening tripartism and social dialogue is at the heart of all ILO activities, and this applies also to China and Mongolia.

In both countries, emphasis is placed on building the capacity of ILO constituents, advocacy, policy dialogue and advice, knowledge sharing including in the context of South-South cooperation and piloting of innovative initiatives.

The ILO Country Office for China and Mongolia works together with relevant ministries as well as workers’ and employers’ organizations in both countries. The Office is also a member of the United Nations Country Team (UNCT) in China and Mongolia and thereby contribute to the UN Development Assistant Framework (UNDAF) and its successor the UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework in pursuit of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

UN in China has highlighted the strategic partnership between the UN and the Chinese Government. The three work priorities areas are: 1) Poverty Reduction and Equitable Development; 2) Improved and Sustainable Environment; and 3) Enhanced Global Engagement.

UN in Mongolia provides a strategic guidance to the UN system work in the country. The UNDAF demonstrates a strategic focus supporting Mongolia in achieving its sustainable development objectives and focuses on 1) promoting inclusive growth and sustainable management of natural resources; 2) enhancing social protection and utilization of quality and equitable social services, and 3) fostering voice and strengthening accountability.