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June 2016

  1. Brief on the "Work in Freedom" Programme in India

    15 June 2016

    Provides an overview of the Work in Freedom programme in India.

  2. Review of policy and practice: Compulsory military service and conscript labour in Mongolia

    15 June 2016

    The report identifies areas in which Mongolian national law, policies and practices may be reviewed to ensure that compulsory military service is organized in a manner that is in compliance with Mongolia’s international obligations. It recommends making hiring for development programmes part of general employment programmes and labour market policy.

  3. An empirical study: Prison labour and employment conditions of convicts in Mongolia

    15 June 2016

    The report identifies various areas in which Mongolian national law and practices may be reviewed to ensure that the private employment of prisoners is organized in a manner that is in full compliance with Mongolia’s international obligations and is beneficial for the prisoners themselves.

  4. Newsletter of the ASEAN TRIANGLE Project (ATP), Issue 10, June 2016

    09 June 2016

    Welcome to the 10th issue of ASEAN TRIANGLE Project (ATP)’s newsletter. In this issue, you will find “Featured Story: ASEAN TRIANGLE Project: Making a Difference for ASEAN Migrant Workers”; “Featured Event: ILO-ATIKHA Financial Education Course: Empowering ASEAN Migrant Workers in Thailand”; as well as ATP recent actives and a list of selected publications.

  5. Strengthening HIV Prevention, Care, Treatment and Social Protection in the World of Work (Final Evaluation Summary)

    08 June 2016

    Project GLO/13/06/OPE - Evaluation consultant: Chris Morris

  6. Providing decent employment for Pacific fishers

    02 June 2016

    This publication highlights promoting employment opportunities for Pacific Islanders on foreign fishing vessels and protecting fishers on board, envisaging the ratification of Fishing Convention (C188) by the Pacific Island Countries.

  7. Financial assessment of the proposed reform to the social security system for older persons and a proposed new pension scheme for the herders and self-employed persons

    01 June 2016

    This report analyses some propositions of the reform of the Mongolian pension system. It also presents an analysis of the implementation of a new scheme for herders and self-employed workers. It is important to bear in mind that this report does not constitute an actuarial valuation of the current social security system in Mongolia. Some of the data needed to proceed were not available. Enough information was however available to have a good idea of the magnitude of the recommended options.

  8. News@ILO, June-July 2016

    01 June 2016

    The e-newsletter from the ILO Regional Office in Asia and the Pacific providing the latest developments and activities in the region, upcoming events and recent publications.

May 2016

  1. New arrivals at the ILO Knowledge Centre in Bangkok: May 2016

    31 May 2016

    Provides list of new publications at the ILO Knowledge Centre in Bangkok.

  2. State of Rural Labour Markets in India

    30 May 2016

    This paper analyzes pace and pattern of rural diversification in India and some of the factors responsible for this during the last one and half decades.

  3. Environment-friendly enterprise: Green charcoal briquette production and sales enterprise in Tolosa, Leyte

    27 May 2016

    The enterprise focused on the production of green charcoal briquettes from cellulosic waste such as coconut husk and shell, rice hull and straw, grass, and twigs, all of which are in abundant supply in an agricultural – and post-disaster – setting. “Green” charcoal is a smokeless and more efficient alternative to traditional wood based cooking fuel.

  4. Water is life: Repair of community potable water system and reforestation of community-managed watershed in Pinabacdao, Samar

    27 May 2016

    The supply of potable water in the municipality of Pinabacdao, Samar was severely impeded by the successive impacts of Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda), Typhoon Hagupit (Ruby) and Tropical Storms Jangmi (Seniang) and Mekkhala (Amang). Because both water and livelihoods are essential to human life, the International Labour Organization (ILO) partnered with the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Pinabacdao to restore the flow of water to 4,000 families.

  5. Climate-resilient communities: Restoration of mangroves damaged by Typhoons Ruby and Seniang in Biri, Northern Samar

    27 May 2016

    Two 10-hectare areas, one in each Barangay, were the sites of the mangrove restoration. A total of 20,000 propagules were harvested from nearby mangrove areas and planted. Also, at least 4,000 propagules of alternative species — unsuitable for direct planting at a young age — were collected in community-managed nurseries, to be eventually used to replenish unsuccessful growths and to improve mangrove diversity. Technical support was provided by the Provincial Government of Northern Samar-Environment and Natural Resources Office (PGNS-ENRO).

  6. Working out of disaster: Coron local resource-based works and skills training for communities affected by Super Typhoon Haiyan

    27 May 2016

    The International Labour Organisation (ILO) partnered with the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) Regional Office 4B to enhance the livelihood opportunities of people in Barangays Decalachao, Guadalupe and Marcilla in Coron, and Barangays Bogtong, San Isidro, San Rafael, Buluang and Maglalambay in Busuanga.

  7. A homegrown solution: Communal vegetable production and skills training on support infrastructure maintenance in Sto Rosario, Bohol

    27 May 2016

    Working with the ILO, 79 SRFA members (43 women, 36 men) established and managed a one-hectare communal garden, and planted cash crops with short gestation periods (tomatoes, eggplants and string beans) to secure their families’ food and income sufficiency. The Municipal Agriculturist Office (MAO) provided technical and material inputs.

  8. Safety first: Demolition of earthquake damaged public structures and recycling of debris in Loon, Bohol

    27 May 2016

    When a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit the Philippines in October 2013, the Municipality of Loon in Bohol suffered the most in terms of number of totally and partially damaged infrastructure, both public and private. The devastation was exacerbated when Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) hit a month later. In response, the International Labour Organisation (ILO) partnered with the Loon United Workers Organisation (LUWO) to support the community’s effort to rise above the catastrophe.

  9. Labour Standards in Global Supply Chains: A Programme for Action in Asia and the Garment Sector (Project fact sheet)

    12 May 2016

    In collaboration with Germany’s GIZ, the ILO will take up challenges to labour standards and working conditions arising from globalized garment production, focusing on Cambodia, Indonesia and Pakistan. The ILO’s Pakistan Office will work with its tripartite social partners, the Government, Pakistan Workers’ Federation and Employers’ Federation of Pakistan to improve labour market governance and working conditions throughout the globalized supply chain.

  10. ILO Works in Timor-Leste: 2015 results

    02 May 2016

    Presents the results of the ILO works/activities in Timor-Leste in 2015.

  11. News@ILO, May 2016

    02 May 2016

    The e-newsletter from the ILO Regional Office in Asia and the Pacific providing the latest developments and activities in the region, upcoming events and recent publications.

  12. ILO Bangladesh Newsletter

    01 May 2016

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