The ILO publishes a wide range of books, reports, working papers, training manuals, CD-ROMs, videos and flash movies, relevant to Asia and the Pacific. Some of these can be downloaded directly. Others can be requested or purchased in hard copy from the ILO Knowledge Centre in Bangkok.

December 2011

  1. Research on occupational safety and health for migrant workers in five Asia and the Pacific countries: Australia, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand

    01 December 2011

    This working paper presents trends and facts relevant to the five target countries’ OSH environments for migrant workers, with the long term aim of raising awareness of workplace safety for migrant labour forces and instilling the significance of sound OSH practices at work in all stakeholders, including governments, employers, workers and NGOs.

  2. Green Jobs Background Brief No.2-December 2011

    01 December 2011

    The background brief provides a summary of the latest news and events from Green Jobs Programme for Asia and the Pacific

  3. News@ILO, December 2011/January 2012

    01 December 2011

    The December 2011/January 2012 e-newsletter of the ILO in Asia and the Pacific contains the latest news from the regional office, an opinion editorial on the importance of decent work in Asia's economic recovery, a selection of the latest publications, and details of forthcoming events and meetings.

November 2011

  1. New arrivals at the ILO Knowledge Centre in Bangkok: November 2011

    30 November 2011

    Provides list of new publications at the ILO Knowledge Centre in Bangkok.

  2. Participatory Action-Oriented Training

    30 November 2011

    Participatory Action-Oriented Training is a practical method to support workplace initiatives based on self-help voluntary actions. It also helps local people carry out immediate improvements in occupational safety and health and their working conditions by using locally available resources.

  3. Building an Asia-Pacific youth employment coalition: Reviewing past policies and the way forward

    30 November 2011

    This working paper addresses the importance of prioritizing youth employment policy in Asia and the Pacific. It provides regional youth policy and programme examples and underlines the need for a regional coalition in order to address the problem of youth struggles and frustrations in the labour market.

  4. Report on the review of the ILO Decent Work Country Programme: Lao PDR (2006-2009)

    25 November 2011

    The report emphasises the review of the overall performance of the Country Programme including the role and relevance of ILO in Lao PDR, as well as progress and performance of the four outcomes.

  5. Asia-Pacific Labour Market Update, December 2011

    24 November 2011

    This newsletter provides a snapshot of economic and labour market trends for a number of Asian region economies, based on official data available as of 21 November 2011, with special coverage on youth employment in the Pacific Island States, trends in wages and productivity growth, gender disparities in the labour market, green jobs, ageing societies and the social protection floor.

  6. Brochure: Australia and the ILO: Partnerships to achieve the millennium development goals through decent work in Asia and the Pacific

    22 November 2011

    In April 2010, the ILO and Australia, a founding member State, entered into an historic five-year partnership agreement. Through the Australian Government - ILO partnership agreement (2010-2015), the Australian Government and the ILO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific are working together to help achieve the region’s Decent Work Agenda and the millennium development goals.

  7. Fact sheet on Youth Employment in Asia and the Pacific

    18 November 2011

    Asia and the Pacific accounts for almost half the world’s unemployed youth, yet paradoxically, is also home to the largest numbers of working children. The ILO and its constituents have been promoting productive employment and decent work for youth in a variety of ways.

  8. Japan and the ILO

    16 November 2011

    This brochure provides an overview of current projects implemented through a partnership between the ILO and the Government of Japan, which has supported technical work in Asia and the Pacific for nearly 40 years.

  9. Fact sheet about better work Viet Nam

    10 November 2011

  10. Climate Change Adaptation Project (CCAP) Caselette No. 8: A case on a farming household’s access to insurance, financing and other support services

    01 November 2011

    Myrna Maisog and her husband Lucio have never tried getting crop insurance for their rice farm. “Wala gyud mi kasayud unsa na mam, (We really do not know what it is.),” Myrna says. Myrna and her family live in Barangay Alubijid, Buenavista, a municipality in the province of Agusan del Norte.

  11. Climate Change Adaptation Project (CCAP) Caselette No. 7: A case on farming household's adaptation to floods

    01 November 2011

    Alejandro and Lucia Tutor’s makeshift house-cum-“sari-sari” (small convenience) store is among a few structures lining the edge of the road of Purok 1, Barangay Magsaysay in the town of Jabonga, Agusan del Norte. “This is the best place we can think of after our third house got washed away by the flood in March of last year,” Alejandro says.

  12. Climate Change Adaptation Project (CCAP) Caselette No. 6: A case on providing an alternative financing source to complete the package of farmer support services

    01 November 2011

    Before, they could only offer sympathy and a listening ear to farmers who shared their woes on piled debts and lack of motivation to harvest knowing that a very minimal if not none of the proceeds would be left to them after paying the debts - this, the agricultural technicians (ATs) in the municipality of Buenavista described of their services to farmers years ago. Now, they are very happy, they can do more! “Grabe gyud nakat abang,” (It’s really a big help) says Gertrutin Natonton, AT of Barangay Macalang of the innovative and integrated financial package being offered by the local government unit of Buenavista.

  13. Climate Change Adaptation Project (CCAP) Caselette No. 5: A case on farming household's access to better financing choices

    01 November 2011

    In farming communities where a parents achievement is measured by how his or her children turned out to be, Estella A. Claros is a “success”. With her husband Vicente, Estrella has been farming for more than 10 years and through hard work managed to send her children to school producing a teacher and a budding entrepreneur: “to brave the storm”, is to become more productive.

  14. Climate Change Adaptation Project (CCAP) Caselette No. 4: A case on keeping faith on flood areas as food areas

    01 November 2011

    For farmers in climate risk vulnerable areas, literally: “to brave the storm”, is to become more productive. This says Pedrita Tumanda, a corn farmer in Lingayao, Las Nieves, Agusan del Norte, is what the climate change adaptation financial package she availed from Baug CARP Beneficiaries Multi-Purpose Cooperative (BCBMPC) has done to her and several others in their municipality.

  15. Climate Change Adaptation Project (CCAP) Caselette No. 3: A case on banking with climate change risk-vulnerable farmers

    01 November 2011

    Lending for farming ventures among low-income borrowers in climate change vulnerable areas can be done by banks after all. This, according to Wilma A Tepan, manager of the Cabadbaran City Branch of the People's Bank of Caraga, has been what her bank had realized after it saw signs of success in the test run of the scheme the bank has designed and implement in partnership with the CCAP in Agusan del Norte.

  16. Climate Change Adaptation Project (CCAP) Caselette No. 2: A case on providing an alternative financing source to complete the package of farmer support services

    01 November 2011

    It is a case of simply doing what is good for the constituents. The Municipality of Remedios T. Romualdez, a flood-prone farming town in Agusan del Norte into a de facto pioneer in doing climate change adaptation among local government units in the country.

  17. Climate Change Adaptation Project (CCAP) Caselette No. 1: A case on making lending work for the poor and vulnerable

    01 November 2011

    It is a matter of making lending work better for the poor. This, in the assessment of Luxmi B. Auxillo, General Manager of the Baug CARP Beneficiaries Multi-Purpose Cooperative (BCBMPC), is what its partnership for the test run of an innovative financing scheme - cooperative model for climate change risk vulnerable barangays has brought about.

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