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The ILO publishes a wide range of books, reports, working papers, training manuals, CD-ROMs, videos and flash movies, relevant to Asia and the Pacific. Some of these can be downloaded directly. Others can be requested or purchased in hard copy from the ILO Knowledge Centre in Bangkok.

December 2007

  1. Pakistan employment trends 2007: Skills

    01 December 2007

    Identifies the need to promote greater investment in skills and training so that men and women have enhanced and equal access to productive and decent work.

October 2007

  1. Participatory approaches to improving safety, health and working conditions in informal economy workplaces. Experiences of Cambodia, Thailand and Viet Nam

    01 October 2007

    Participatory training programmes are increasingly applied in Asia for supporting grassroots initiatives in informal economy workplaces to improve safety, health and working conditions. These participatory programmes are easy to apply and action-oriented, and focus on immediate improvement needs of informal economy workplaces. Workers in informal economy workplaces have identified and implemented practical safety and health improvements with the support from the participatory training programmes.

September 2007

  1. The economic contribution of migrant workers to Thailand: Towards policy development

    15 September 2007

    This paper highlights the contributions of migrant workers to Thailand and recommends policies to promote economic development and decent work in both receiving and sending countries. The ILO views labour migration as a positive force that can stimulate economic growth and development in both labour-sending and labour– receiving countries, and has developed a framework of principles, guidelines and examples to ensure that labour migration contributes to decent work for all (ILO, 2004, 2006).

August 2007

  1. Issues: August 2007

    01 August 2007

    The edition highlights the challenges facing youth employment in the Pacific, programmes to create jobs and boost incomes in East Timor, and the long work hours found in Asia’s labour market.

  2. International labour migration and development: The ILO perspective

    01 August 2007

    Presents the ILO’s perspective on the increasingly recognized crucial relation between international labour migration and development.

June 2007

  1. Preventing child labour in agriculture and promoting safe work for youth in Thailand

    12 June 2007

    The 12th of June is a special day of observance around the world – a day in which Thais and other people demonstrate their solidarity in bringing an end to the worst forms of child labour. The 2007 World Day against Child Labour focused on children working under hazardous conditions in agriculture.

  2. Equality at work : tackling the challenges (Global report under the follow-up to the ILO Declaration on fundamental principles and rights at work. Report of the Director-General, 2007)

    01 June 2007

    Provides a global picture of job-related discrimination, citing both progress and failures in the struggle to fight discrimination ranging from traditional forms such as sex, race or religion, to newer forms based on age, sexual orientation, HIV/AIDS status and disability.

  3. Pakistan employment trends 2007

    01 June 2007

    Reviews the labour market in Pakistan during the period 1999-2000 to 2005-2006, using best practice in statistical analysis and presentation, including an explanation of all classifications and definitions used.

May 2007

April 2007

  1. Skills recognition for migrant workers: report of ILO/SKILLS-AP/Korea Regional Planning Workshop on Skills Recognition for Migrant Workers, Bangkok, Thailand, 23-25 April 2007

    30 April 2007

    Discusses on approaches and strategies to help migrant-sending countries get recognition for their workers' skills, including developing regional model competency standards. Also includes the relevant Korean skills standards.

  2. Rural road maintenance

    09 April 2007

    Rural roads are the last link of the transport network, however, they often form the most important link in terms of providing access for the rural population. The permanent or seasonal absence of road access can act as a constraining factor in terms of providing rural communities with services such as education, primary health case, water supply, local markets as well as economic opportunities. The availability of such services and opportunities are only sustained when the rural road network is maintained at certain operational standards that provides the regular and efficient transport access required throughout the year.

  3. Issues: April 2007

    01 April 2007

    The edition highlights the decent work priorities in Asia, the role of microfinance in combatting child labour and a preview of a Chinese TV soap opera aimed at migrant workers.

March 2007

  1. Developing national skills strategies: report of ILO/SKILLS-AP/Japan Regional Technical Meeting on Developing National Skills Strategies, Chiba, Japan, 27-30 March 2007

    30 March 2007

    Provides experiences, good practices and the development of Tripartite Action Plans for Afghanistan, Cambodia, Indonesia, Mongolia, Pakistan and Timor-Leste and the effective roadmap for follow-up action.

  2. Report of the independent final evaluation of the Expansion of Employment Opportunities for Women (EEOW) Viet Nam chapter

    19 March 2007

    This report presents the findings, conclusions and recommendations of the final evaluation of the EEOW project in Viet Nam.

February 2007

  1. Developing skills and employability for young people in Asia and the Pacific: report of ILO/SKILLS-AP/Japan Regional Technical Meeting on Developing Skills and Employability for Young People in Asia and the Pacific, Chiba, Japan, 13-16 February 2007

    16 February 2007

    Covers existing tools, policies and approaches to improving skills and employability for youth, as well as recommendations, priorities and areas for collaboration between network members.

January 2007

  1. EmployAbility: a resource guide on disability for employers in Asia and the Pacific

    01 January 2007

    A manual to assist business and organizations in recruiting, hiring and retaining employees with disabilities. Includes information on publications, websites, good practices, national organizations and government departments, checklists and fact sheets.

  2. Labour market scenarios for the Asian decent work decade in the Pacific Island countries

    01 January 2007

    Presents key trends in the economies and labour markets of Pacific island countries that are ILO Member Countries and the main issues facing policy makers in promoting decent and productive employment in these economies.

  3. Part 1 DWCP implementation in the Pacific Island countries 2006-2007: issues and challenges

    01 January 2007

    An overview of the major issues and challenges in implementing Decent Work Country Programmes in Pacific Island Countries.

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