The ILO publishes a wide range of books, reports, working papers, training manuals, CD-ROMs, videos and flash movies, relevant to Asia and the Pacific. Some of these can be downloaded directly. Others can be requested or purchased in hard copy from the ILO Knowledge Centre in Bangkok.

September 2008

  1. Child labour in Thailand at a glance

    19 September 2008

  2. Overview of child labour in Thailand

    19 September 2008

  3. Facts on child labour

    19 September 2008

  4. Reaching the unreached: the child labour challenge in India

    19 September 2008

    “Every child counts…Over the last year, we have rescued more than 5,000 children from the streets of Hyderabad to enable them to regain their lost childhood”, says Leyla Tegmo-Reddy, ILO Director in New Delhi, India. The ILO’s International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC) has been striving to rescue and rehabilitate migrant working children in the age group of 5 to 14 years, saving them from being trafficked or from getting involved in drugs and crime. ILO Online spoke with the ILO Director in New Delhi and Rani Kumudini who is the Project Manager in Hyderabad.

  5. World day Against Child Labour (WDACL) 2008: Education: the right response to child labour (FAQ)

    19 September 2008

    Questions and answers on child labour and education.

  6. Tools, Instruments and Resources that are commonly used in ILO Local Development projects

    17 September 2008

  7. Local Economic Development in Post-crisis situations – Operational Guide

    17 September 2008

  8. Building Local Government Capacity for Rural Infrastructure Works.

    17 September 2008

  9. Documentation from the Regional LED knowledge sharing seminar 2007

    17 September 2008

  10. ILO/Korea brochure

    09 September 2008

    This short brochure introduces the ILO/Korea Partnership Programme, explains what it does and how it operates, and gives details of some specific projects and areas of work.

  11. Guide for the Preparation of National Action Plans on Youth Employment

    08 September 2008

  12. Getting hired: A guide for job-seekers with disabilities

    05 September 2008

    This manual, used as a companion to training manual Getting hired: a trainer's manual for conducting a workshop for job-seekers with disabilities, can be helpful to organizations of people with disabilities, placement agencies, non-governmental organizations and community organizations.

  13. Fact sheet - SKILLS-AP and support for people with disabilities

    04 September 2008

  14. Fact sheet - Regional Skills and Employability Programme for Asia and the Pacific (SKILLS-AP)

    04 September 2008

  15. ILO Terminology

    01 September 2008

  16. Decent Work for All Newsletter, September 2008

    01 September 2008

    Quarterly newsletter of the ILO Subreional Office in Manila. This issue features articles on local economic development, tools for gender mainstreaming, trends and development in employment strategy, and deep sea fishing companies fight against child labour.

  17. ILO Jakarta Newsletter, September 2008

    01 September 2008

    Quarterly newsletter of the ILO Jakarta Office. This issue features articles on tackling child labour, youth employment network, youth entrepreneur training, and Indonesia's social security system.

August 2008

  1. List of library accessions: August 2008

    29 August 2008

    This List of Library Accessions is produced by the ILO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific. It consists of new materials available in its collection and data base which come from different sources such as ILO, NGOs, IGOs, institutions, other United Nations agencies, commercial publishers and individual experts.

  2. Issues: August 2008

    01 August 2008

    The edition features an initiative to promote green jobs, a project to help alleviate poverty in Pakistan and the Philippines, and Indonesia's labour migration reform.

July 2008

  1. 10 steps for a safer & health workplace

    01 July 2008

    Contains 10 steps for a safer & health workplace.

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