The ILO publishes a wide range of books, reports, working papers, training manuals, CD-ROMs, videos and flash movies, relevant to Asia and the Pacific. Some of these can be downloaded directly. Others can be requested or purchased in hard copy from the ILO Knowledge Centre in Bangkok.

November 2015

  1. Microfinance and Formalisation of Enterprises in the Informal Sector

    17 November 2015

    Microfinance and Formalization of Enterprises in the Informal Economy: Awareness raising campaign and BDS for the formalization and strengthening of growth-oriented enterprises ESAF A Qualitative Follow-up Study

  2. Employment dimension of infrastructure investment: State level input–output analysis

    17 November 2015

    Employment Working Paper No. 168

  3. Capacity building component of the Project “Promoting Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining in the Philippines”: Completion report

    16 November 2015

    The capacity building component of the project “Promoting Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining in the Philippines” consists of two main outputs. Output 1 is the design, development and pilot testing of two Philippine-specific training modules on collective bargaining, social dialogue and tripartism. Output 2 is the finalization of the modules.

  4. Cambodia Addressing The Skills Gap: Employment Diagnostic Study

    16 November 2015

    This study has identified the following six major challenges and constraints to productive employment in Cambodia: (1) sustaining long-term growth and the macroeconomic environment, (2) skills acquisition and productive employment, (3) agricultural productivity growth and rural development, (4) reducing vulnerable employment, (5) limited social protection, and (6) improving industrial relations.

  5. Green Business Booklet

    13 November 2015

    This Green Business Booklet has been developed under Start and Improve Your Business Programme of India, with the support of the Green Jobs Programme - Asia and the Pacific. It utilized ILO SIYB family of products as references and was completed by a task force.

  6. Project Updates of Myanmar Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (Volume 2 July - October 2015)

    11 November 2015

    “This is an evolution. Other organiza-tions go to our areas and implement with their logical frameworks and M&E plan already completed, without con-sulting us what we need. This participa-tory approach is excellent,” said Salai Kee Law Har of Kyaung Htar Mi Khin referring to My-PEC process of identify-ing interventions for Poe Laung Village Tract, Labutta Township, Ayeyarwady Region.

  7. Social and Solidarity Economy in Asia: A South-South and triangular cooperation perspective

    10 November 2015

    A compilation of good practices to support the ILO in developing a strategy of South-South and triangular cooperation in Social and Solidarity Economy in Asia.

  8. Minimum wage setting practices in domestic work: an inter-state analysis (India)

    10 November 2015

  9. Solid first half of 2015 for Cambodia's garment and footwear sector

    03 November 2015

    The ILO’s Cambodian Garment and Footwear Sector Bulletin examines key trends in the industry, including exports, factory openings and closures, employment, and wages. The Bulletin is intended to provide a comprehensive, neutral source of information for stakeholders in the Cambodian garment and footwear sector, and to assist them in social dialogue and wage negotiations. This is the second issue of the Bulletin.

  10. News@ILO, November 2015

    02 November 2015

    The e-newsletter from the ILO Regional Office in Asia and the Pacific providing the latest developments and activities in the region, upcoming events and recent publications.

  11. Promoting workers rights and competitiveness in Egyptian exports industries (Midterm evaluation summary)

    01 November 2015

    Project EGY/11/06/USA - Evaluation consultant: Hassan, Nahla & Wael Zakkar

  12. Labour inspection: Women migrant workers in ASEAN

    01 November 2015

    This Policy Brief looks at labour inspection in ASEAN in relation to women migrant workers, making recommendations to policy makers, development partners, employers, workers’ organisations, and civil society on the initiatives needed to ensure the implementation of labour standards for women migrant workers.

  13. Facts and figures: Women migrant workers in ASEAN

    01 November 2015

    This Policy Brief provides and overview of the data available on women migrant workers in ASEAN, identifying good practices and making recommendations for improvements. The Policy Brief also highlights the importance of reliable and sex disaggregated data on migrant workers, calling for donors and development partners to ensure that the specific situation of women migrants is monitored and addressed in migration programs in the region.

  14. Regional Model Competency Standards: Core competencies

    01 November 2015

    These Regional Model Competency Standards (RMCS) on core competencies were developed as a basis to integrate with specific skills needed in the workplace, so that training and assessment resources can be developed and individuals tested against the standards. They include a wide range of core competencies, including the “green” or environmental competencies.

October 2015

  1. Real life, real challenges, real protection: Life stories of worker-beneficiaries and experiences in social protection availment

    30 October 2015

    This document features eight stories of people’s experiences with social protection coverage. Contrary to the usual approach of examining project effectiveness, this document takes a people-centred approach as it examines social protection coverage from the perspective of people who availed, were not able to avail, or are still in the process availing of social security and socialized healthcare benefits.

  2. New arrivals at the ILO Knowledge Centre in Bangkok: October 2015

    30 October 2015

    Provides list of new publications at the ILO Knowledge Centre in Bangkok.

  3. Strong export and job growth in Asia's garment and footwear sector

    29 October 2015

    This research note examines wages and working conditions in the garment sector in a range of countries in the Asia-Pacific region. It finds that developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region exported $601 billion worth of garments, footwear and textile products in 2014, three-fifths of the global total. More than 40 million workers are now employed in the sector in the Asia-Pacific region.

  4. The ILO in Nepal

    29 October 2015

    This Country Leaflet gives an overview of ILO activities in Nepal. It summarizes the ILO’s history in the country, and outlines the work undertaken by the ILO in cooperation with the government and social partners on a wide range of work and workplace issues.

  5. Human security initiative for tensions deduction, reconciliation and rehabilitation in Solomon Islands - Third annual progress report

    27 October 2015

    Third annual progress report

  6. Migration in ASEAN in figures: The International Labour Migration Statistics (ILMS) Database in ASEAN

    25 October 2015

    The International Labour Organization’s (ILO) ASEAN TRIANGLE Project, funded by Canada, launched the International Labour Migration Statistics (ILMS) Database in December 2014. The statistical tables presented in this booklet include data on migration and labour migration in the ASEAN region. The sources used include UNDESA, Trends in international migrant stock, Rev. 2013, World Bank, Global Bilateral Migration Database 2015 and the ILMS Database ILOSTAT (Special collections: Migration)

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