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The ILO publishes a wide range of books, reports, working papers, training manuals, CD-ROMs, videos and flash movies, relevant to Asia and the Pacific. Some of these can be downloaded directly. Others can be requested or purchased in hard copy from the ILO Knowledge Centre in Bangkok.

October 2013

  1. Promoting equality and preventing discrimination at work in Cambodia: Booklet 5 – Resources for equality management in companies

    30 October 2013

    Booklet 5 of the Practical guide for employers provides case studies, contacts and references to promote equality and prevent discrimination in business practices.

  2. Report of the Fourth Regional Seminar on Industrial Relations in the ASEAN Region: 'Setting minimum wage and wage guidelines: Roles of tripartite partners and impact on industrial relations'

    30 October 2013

    Contains the report of the Fourth Regional Seminar on Industrial Relations in the ASEAN Region, under the ASEAN-ILO/Japan Industrial Relations Project.


    23 October 2013

    The survey is a snapshot of the supply and demand of skilled workers in selected sectors in Bangladesh in 2012. It was commissioned on behalf of the National Skills Development Council Secretariat, and funded by the Swiss Development Corporation. The survey presents the current statistics, and also looks at skills predictions in the medium and long term.

  4. ILO Quang Nam newsletter, October 2013

    22 October 2013

    The ILO project “Strengthening Inland Tourism Project in Quang Nam" has issued its newsletter for October 2013. The publication reviews its major activities in the month and introduces upcoming events.

  5. The ILO in Bangladesh

    21 October 2013

    The International Labour Organization (ILO) promotes social justice and internationally recognized human and labour rights. Its overarching goal is to achieve decent work for all so everyone can work in conditions of freedom, equity, security and human dignity.

  6. Regulating recruitment of migrant workers: An assessment of complaint mechanisms in Thailand

    21 October 2013

    This report provides the findings of an analysis of the legal framework and the complaint mechanisms for workers with grievances to seek redress - and puts forward recommendations for strengthening the system.

  7. Labour shortages, foreign migrant recruitment and the portability of qualifications in East and South-East Asia

    21 October 2013

    This paper examines labour shortages, admission of foreign workers and the portability of qualifications in Japan, Malaysia, Republic of Korea, Singapore and Thailand.

  8. Asia-Pacific Research Brief Series No. 1, September 2013

    18 October 2013

    This research brief presents new measurements of workers by economic class and their distinctive labour market characteristics. With a focus on Cambodia, India, Indonesia and Viet Nam, it highlights some decent work challenges related to eradicating working poverty, fostering middle class jobs and promoting inclusive labour markets in Asia and the Pacific.

  9. Female labour force participation in Bangladesh: trends, drivers and barriers

    15 October 2013

    Bangladesh has witnessed a substantial increase in female employment in labour-intensive export-oriented industries in urban areas. The study finds that the rapid expansion of micro-finance in rural areas has supported women’s employment.

  10. To work or not to work? Factors holding women back from market work in Sri Lanka

    15 October 2013

    This study looks at the extent to which differences in individual and household characteristics are associated with whether women in Sri Lanka work for pay or not.

  11. A Social Protection Floor for India

    09 October 2013

    This study is an invaluable reference for professionals and practitioners working in the field of social security, in particular policymakers and regulators in India. It is also intended for persons who assist practitioners such as technical assistance providers and donors.

  12. Report of the Fifth Regional Seminar on Industrial Relations in the ASEAN Region

    07 October 2013

    Contains the report of the Fifth Regional Seminar on Industrial Relations in the ASEAN Region, under the ASEAN-ILO/Japan Industrial Relations Project.

  13. Better Work Vietnam newsletter, Sep-Dec 2013

    03 October 2013

    The Better Work Vietnam's newsletter highlights the project's major activities in the last four months of 2013

  14. Skills and Employability Network Community Updates, Issue 13

    01 October 2013

    This is the October 2013 edition of the Skills and Employability Network Updates. In this issue you can read about resources, news, events in the world of skills and employability. If you want to include information about your organization, events, projects, in the next updates then please let us know and we will include it in the next edition of the Updates.

  15. Pakistan Labour Market Update - September 2013

    01 October 2013

    Pakistan Labour Market Update 2013 provides a snapshot of the latest economic and labour market situation in Pakistan based on information gathered from official national sources. The Update presents the overall employment context and highlights the distinct challenge for women in terms of participation and access to better quality jobs.

  16. National Strategy for Promotion of Gender Equality in TVET

    01 October 2013

    Women’s participation in TVET in Bangladesh is strikingly low, ranging from 9 per cent to 13 per cent in public institutions. This strategy is a step towards improving this, providing specific actions to improve female participation.

  17. News@ILO, October 2013

    01 October 2013

    The October 2013 e-newsletter of the ILO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific contains the latest news from ILO in the region, a feature article on rural development in Timor-Leste, a selection of the latest publications, and forthcoming events and meetings.

September 2013

  1. New arrivals at the ILO Knowledge Centre in Bangkok: September 2013

    30 September 2013

    Provides list of new publications at the ILO Knowledge Centre in Bangkok.

  2. ILO Viet Nam newsletter, September 2013

    25 September 2013

    The fifth quarterly newsletter of the ILO Country Office for Viet Nam covers a range of news from the establishment of the National Wage Council, future development of trade unions, an initiative to improve recruitment agencies, to the financial warning for the country's social security fund.

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