Programmes and projects

The ILO operates a wide range of programmes and projects in Asia Pacific focusing on relief and development challenges. The overall purpose of this technical cooperation is to support implementation of the Decent Work agenda in each country.

  1. Training and Employment Support Program (TESP) (Timor-Leste)

    1 January 2013 - 31 December 2014

    The main benefits for women and men in Timor-Leste are better access to good quality skills training and employment services linking them to better work outcomes.

  2. Enhancing the Capacity of Pacific Island Countries to Address the Impacts of Climate Change on Migration

    1 January 2013 - 1 January 2014

    The ILO works with partners to provide technical assistance and build the capacity of its constituents to protect migrant workers and manage migration flows effectively. Recently, the ILO, in partnership with ESCAP and UNDP, successfully secured $5 million in EC funding to enhance the capacity of Pacific Island Countries (Nauru, Kiribati, and Tuvalu) to address the impacts of climate change on migration through well-managed, rights based migration schemes and policy frameworks supported by comprehensive knowledge building and knowledge sharing in the Pacific Islands Region.

  3. Pacific Growth and Employment Project

    25 November 2012 - 25 November 2014

    The project supports industry led action plans that enhance economic growth, deliver skills development and employment opportunities for youth, and sustainable and decent jobs for local workers.

  4. Support to development in industrial relations, wage fixing, and labour law implementation institutions and capacity in Viet Nam

    27 September 2012 - 27 September 2016

    The project aims to put into practice the new Labour Code and Trade Union to ensure that, by 2016, Viet Nam’s minimum wage system is reformed and industrial relations institutions and mechanisms for collective bargaining and social dialogue have been perfected and capacity of all stakeholders are strengthened to bring the regulations and practices into closer compliance with international labour standards.

  5. Green Livelihood Access for Central Kalimantan’s Inclusive Environmental Response to Climate Change (GLACIER)

    1 September 2012 - 31 August 2013

    The Project aims to improve access to sustainable livelihoods for local communities in the Ex Mega Rice Project (EMRP) area in Central Kalimantan through supporting the implementation of Presidential Instruction No. 2/2007 and the Master Plan for the Rehabilitation and Revitalization of the EMRP.

  6. Japan Earthquake Project: Disseminating Lessons from Employment and Labour Measures for the Recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake

    1 August 2012 - 31 March 2014

    The Japan Earthquake Project aims to collect and compile lessons and good practices from the recovery efforts in Japan and to share them with a wide circle of the international community. It is hoped that the final outputs of the Project will better inform future natural disaster recovery efforts and policies including the post-Hyogo Framework of Action (HFA) in Asia and the Pacific and beyond.

  7. Youth Employment Policy and Programme to Better Equip Young People for School to Work Transition and Enter the World of Work

    1 August 2012 - 31 December 2013

    To better equip young people for school to work transition and enter the world of work.

  8. Promoting Micro and Small Enterprises through Improved Entrepreneurs’ Access to Finance (PROMISE IMPACTS)

    1 August 2012 - 31 May 2013

    The Project endeavours to address these challenges and promote micro and small enterprise development through improved entrepreneurs’ access to financial services as well as green business services.

  9. Gender Mainstreaming in the ILO Norway Partnership Agreement (GMP)

    1 July 2012 - 31 December 2013

    The Project aims to create decent work and achieve women’s economic empowerment and gender equality in employment and occupation.

  10. Way out of Informality: Facilitating Formalization of the Informal Economy in South Asia

    1 June 2012 - 31 December 2016

  11. Labour Governance & Migration

    1 June 2012 - 1 June 2014

    This multi-country technical cooperation project has two main components: strengthening labour market governance and improving the development impact of labour migration.

  12. Green Jobs Malaysia

    15 May 2012 - 30 September 2013

    The Green Jobs Malaysia project will develop the analytical capacity of ILO constituents in Malaysia to assess the economic and employment impacts of a green development strategy through the development of a green jobs mapping study and a new analytical modelling tool (Green DySAM), to enable decision makers to better understand the employment (green jobs), income distribution, CO2 emissions and economic implications of a green development strategy.

  13. Tripartite Action for the Protection and Promotion of the Rights of Migrant Workers in the ASEAN Region (ASEAN TRIANGLE project)

    1 May 2012 - 31 December 2016

    The Project aims to significantly reduce the exploitation of labour migrants in the region through increased legal and safe migration and improved labour protection.

  14. People-centered Development Programme (PcDP) Phase II: The Implementation of Institutionalizing Sustainable Livelihood Development for Papuan Communities

    1 May 2012 - 31 December 2013

    The Project aims to improve community welfare, in particular of indigenous Papuans through the functioning of local Government and civil society basic systems and processes for sustainable livelihood development in Papua region.

  15. Promoting Rights and Opportunities for People with Disabilities in Employment through Legislation (PROPEL – Indonesia)

    1 May 2012 - 31 December 2015

    Better work and employment opportunities created for men and women with disabilities, through the creation of an enabling legal and policy environment, the promotion of skills development opportunities and measures to eliminate discrimination. The first phase of PROPEL - Indonesia was conducted from 2012-2013; while the second phase is started from 2014 until 2015.

  16. PROMOTE: Decent Work for Domestic Workers to End Child Domestic Work

    1 March 2012 - 31 December 2016

    The Project aims to reduce child domestic workers significantly by building institutional capacities of domestic worker organizations to promote decent work for domestic workers effectively.

  17. Roads for Development (R4D) (Timor-Leste)

    1 March 2012 - 28 February 2016

    The main benefits for women and men in rural Timor-Leste that are expected from the rehabilitation and maintenance of rural roads through R4D are social and economic benefits from improved rural road access

  18. Mentawai Islands Livelihoods Recovery Programme

    1 March 2012 - 31 October 2014

    The programme aims at supporting the recovery of the productive economy in communities affected by the 2010 earthquake and tsunami through supporting recovery of the agriculture and fisheries sectors, facilitating development of the agricultural and fishery value chain and supporting strategic planning on basic service provision, including water and sanitation.

  19. Building Capacities on Indigenous and Tribal Peoples’ Issues in Bangladesh: Rights and Good Practices

    1 January 2012 - 30 June 2014

    Promotes the rights of indigenous peoples in Bangladesh through piloting a targeted capacity building and advocacy initiative based primarily on the principles of ILO Conventions (No.107, No.169, and No.111) and other international instruments relevant to Indigenous and Tribal Peoples.The ILO Office in Dhaka is implementing the project while NORMES (PRO 169) department has the technical backstopping responsibility.

  20. Project on Promoting Fundamental Rights and Strengthening Labour Market Governance in the Maldives

    1 September 2011 - 31 August 2013

    The Project will contribute to improving labour-relations in the Maldives