Labour Migration

Ensuring migrant workers access to justice: An assessment of Thailand’s Migrant Workers Assistance Centers

To increase migrant workers’ access to justice in Thailand, in 2016 the Ministry of Labour established Migrant Workers Assistance Centers in ten provinces throughout the country. By April 2019, the ten centres had delivered services to nearly 125,000 migrant workers from Cambodia, the Lao People’s Democratic Republic and Myanmar.

This report is the result of an assessment of the Migrant Workers Assistance Centers made by the ILO upon a request from the Ministry of Labour. The assessment aimed to holistically review the Migrant Workers Assistance Center model and provide recommendations on how to enhance the centres’ effectiveness in delivering services to migrant workers.

This report outlines the structure and mandates of the centres, reviews their achievements to date, and provides a set of recommendations on how the centres can be further strengthened to ensure that a larger number of migrant workers will be able to access quality services and seek redress for their complaints.