India: Decent work for domestic workers

In India, there are nearly 5 million people working in the homes of others - most of them are women. The number of these domestic workers has swelled by more than 200 per cent in recent years, yet society in general continues to pay little attention to working conditions and the lack of social protection afforded to those in domestic work. The ILO Office in India, along with its constituents and partners, has launched an awareness raising and advocacy campaign to address these issues.

With the help of Decent Work for Domestic Workers campaign, the ILO intends to:

• Raise awareness about the rights of the domestic workers amongst the public, household employers, youth, resident welfare associations and the domestic workers themselves, thereby shift public perception of domestic work and workers.

• Promote skill building of domestic workers and professionalizing domestic work by providing a definite career path to them. This can be seen as one of the tools to promote decent work as skill building can help promote better wages and the working conditions and an improved environment to both the employees and the employers.

• Support domestic workers to organise with the assistance from Trade Unions and further capacitate them on their rights as workers.