Fair and ethical recruitment

Regional operational guidelines on fair and ethical recruitment in ASEAN. Improving regulation and enforcement: A resource for regulators

The regional operational guidelines provide guidance to government regulators on fair recruitment practices, licensing private recruitment agencies, monitoring recruitment processes, and acting on complaints related to the recruitment process. Developed within the framework of the ILO general principles and operational guidelines for fair recruitment, these regional operational guidelines are relevant to both countries of origin and destination.

Labour migration plays an important role in fostering economic and social development in the ASEAN region. Fair and ethical recruitment can protect migrant workers from experiencing labour rights’ violations, including trafficking and forced labour. However, recruitment is often an imperfect process, characterized by fraudulent and exploitative practices. These imperfections have been particularly damaging to the interest of workers seeking jobs across national borders.

The new ILO regional operational guidelines on fair and ethical recruitment provide guidance on licensing of private recruitment agencies, the monitoring of recruitment processes, effective inspection and enforcement mechanisms, and acting on complaints. The regional operational guidelines have been developed as a practical resource for regulators in the ASEAN region and are intended to apply to both countries of origin, and destination, depending on the context.