Analysis of the Implementation of the Policy on Labour Migration 2016-2017

This annual review of the implementation of the second Policy on Labour Migration for Cambodia (LMP) updates on the progress made on its implementation since the previous review which took place in August 2016.

The Royal Government of Cambodia issued its second Labour Migration Policy (LMP) in December 2014. The LMP was developed by the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training (MOLVT), relevant line ministries and social partners for implementation during the period of 2015-2018. TRIANGLE in ASEAN provided extensive support during the development of the policy, which is unique within South-East Asia in applying a whole-of-government approach to labour migration governance.

Since 2016, an annual review process has been conducted with two main objectives: (1) to monitor progress on implementation of the LMP; and (2) develop an action plan for implementation during the coming year. The consultations provide a dynamic tripartite forum for discussion of key achievements, remaining challenges, coordination and collaboration, good practices and lessons learned. The regular attention paid to reviewing implementation has proven effective in ensuring that practical actions are taken to achieve the LMP’s goals.

Through data collection on the activities undertaken by key stakeholders, an assessment of progress on implementation of the LMP was completed during 2017 and validated. In contrast to the findings in 2016, all stakeholders interviewed had developed significant awareness of the LMP. It was found that ministries are actively engaged in conducting activities under the policy, working together with development partners and civil society organizations. However, challenges remain in coordination and administration of the policy’s implementation and progress on return and reintegration and migration and development activities has been more limited.