The future of work: Increasing reach through mobile technology

This paper looks at the changing world of work, including the role of information and communications technology, and the new virtual, dispersed worker. It outlines mobile technology as a means of reaching the new workers, and collects challenges and lessons learned to inform future outreach.

The world of work is changing. A major factor contributing to this is the proliferation of information and communication technologies, with mobile technology playing a central role. More and more people are able to access the Internet through their mobile devices. This has empowered them to work from anywhere but it has also led to the decline of traditional forms of employment. In the broader development context, mobile technology has been used extensively to reach beneficiaries and target audiences. Overall, this presents organizations with a challenge but also an opportunity to adapt projects and interventions to new technologies. This paper outlines technological and institutional hurdles related to the future uptake and implementation of mobile technology platforms and the use of mobile technology as a means of outreach.