Assessment of the readiness of ASEAN Member States for implementation of the commitment to the free flow of skilled labour within the ASEAN Economic Community from 2015

Recognition of the skills of migrant workers within ASEAN is an important feature of the ASEAN Economic Community (ACE) 2015, with significant economic and social benefits for ASEAN Member States. It is envisaged that over time the entire region will become more competitive globally and increasingly attractive to international investors looking for counties with a skilled workforce. Since 2015 is fast approaching, it is important to take stock of developments on the ACE goal of the free flow of skilled labour in the ASEAN Member States and assess the present state and directions to which such goals can be achieved, with the goal to determine the possible next steps in ASEAN.

This scoping and assessment study was carried out to review the status of activities on the AEC in ASEAN countries in relation to the goal of the free flow of skilled labour with respect to the mutual recognition agreements and core competencies developed for job/occupations in priority sectors. The study identifies issues and challenges in implementing AEC goals on recognizing the skills of migrant worker and analyses the current skills standards and national testing and certification system that it is in place for implementing the mutual recognition for skilled labour and promoting worker mobility throughout ASEAN.