Feasibility study of the Social Service Delivery Mechanism for the implementation of the National Social Protection Strategy in Cambodia

The Social Service Delivery Mechanism (SSDM) is a one-stop-shop hosted in decentralized government structures. The aims of the SSDM are to locate social protection and employment services close to the people, empower local communities and the sub-national administration in the delivery of social services, and increase access to information, transparency, and traceability through efficient management information systems, reporting and appeals mechanisms. The SSDM is a useful tool for the practical implementation of the guiding principles of ILO's Social Protection Floors Recommendation, 2012 (No. 202). By delivering combined benefit packages to target populations it is anticipated that the SSDM will contribute positively to a continuous reduction of poverty in Cambodia. The present document describes the proposed design of the SSDM and provides useful guidance for the pilot implementation of the mechanism in Cambodia.