Skills shortages and skills gaps in the Cambodian labour market: Evidence from employer skills needs survey

This paper by the National Employment Agency of the National Training Board in Cambodia represents one of the background analyses. It reports on the findings of the Employer Skills Needs Survey in 2012. This survey – the first of its kind and coverage in Cambodia – is aimed at understanding the needs of employers in finding and hiring workers. Such a knowledge base contributes to understanding how the productivity of an enterprise, as well as employment opportunities within, can be enhanced. It also contributes to understanding how young entrants to the labour market and jobseekers can improve their skills profile, so that they are able to access more productive employment opportunities. The survey covered more than 500 establishments and focused on six growing sectors in Cambodia: accommodation; construction; finance and insurance; food and beverages; garments, apparel, and footwear; and rubber and plastics. The paper reports on the existence of skills shortages in the sectors covered. There is a need to improve skills acquisition in the education and vocational training system to meet the demands of the market, as well as adequately improve wages and working conditions for the vacancies on offer. To overcome the skills shortages and productivity constraints faced by enterprises and workers, a set of short- and long-term policy interventions needs to be in place.