Budget smart - Financial education for migrant workers and their families: Training manual

Migration for work may provide opportunities for a better life to migrant men, women and their families, but it may also lead to labour exploitation, indebtedness or human trafficking if they are not prepared and lack basic management skills. When migrant workers know how to plan and make financial decisions, they can realize their goals in life.

This training manual introduces basic knowledge, skills and tools related to earning, spending, budgeting and using financial services and insurance. The manual is part of a training package aimed at mitigating the risks and maximizing the benefits associated with migration. The package contains:
 This training manual for use by trainers from government, the private and non-profit sectors such as recruitment agencies, organizations protecting workers’ and women’s rights, financial service providers, and migrant workers’ associations or unions
 A Money and migration: Smart guide for migrant workers and their families for use as a workbook during training and with key financial education messages and tips for use before, during and after migration.