Work Improvement for Safe Home (WISH): Action manual for improving safety, health and working conditions of home workers

Improving work conditions among home workers in the informal economy is an important component of the ILO agenda to extend decent work to all workers.

The WISH (Work Improvement for Safe Home) action manual responds to the immediate need of home workers and provides them with practical, easy-to-implement ideas to improve their safety, health and working conditions. These improvements will also contribute to higher productivity and efficiency of their work and promote active participation and cooperation of home workers in the same workplace or in the same community. The manual reflects the practical experiences in the home worker training in Cambodia, Mongolia, and Thailand carried out within the framework of the ILO’s Informal Economy, Poverty and Employment Project with the financial support from the Government of the United Kingdom. The participating home workers have implemented many lowcost
improvements for safety, health and productivity by using available local resources.