International Labour Standard for Decent Work Project (DWCP Outcome 3.3)

International labour standards (Conventions and Recommendations and other instruments) as a means of achieving social justice for all people in Afghanistan, and maintaining peace, through decent and productive work and life-sustaining incomes.

Afghanistan DWCP Outcome 3.3

Government, in close consultation with employers’ and workers’ organisations, has ratified the remaining fundamental Conventions and selected others, and is promoting, advocating and facilitating application of the Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and ratified Conventions


The project supports the Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs (MoLSA), the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce & Investment (ACCI) and the National Union of Afghanistan Workers & Employees/Etehadia-e-Mili Karmandan Afghanistan (NUAWE/EMKA) to help Afghanistan fulfil its membership obligations through the ratification of Conventions, and reporting on the application of international labour standards.

This requires strong and active tripartite dialogue, systems and infrastructure, articulated in the High Labour Council (HLC), and the DWCP National Steering Committee (NSC), and Technical Working Group (TWG), which the project is also supporting.