InSIGHT Phase 2

Industry Skills for Inclusive Growth Phase 2

The InSIGHT Phase 2 Project aims to explore and prove that a skills-driven approach is an appropriate ‘pathway’ to deliver inclusive growth in Asia.

Background and Rationale

The InSIGHT Project aims to promote mechanisms and practical approaches that enable industries and workplaces to become drivers of sustainable and inclusive growth in the Asian region.

With the renewed commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the anticipated growth and consolidation in the ASEAN region, efforts to fully engage ILO’s tripartite partners in the regional discourse, agreements and actions most relevant to them, are pivotal. This way, the project would foster a broad-based understanding of the implications and challenges of economic growth, environment, and social inclusion, in the context of decent work.

With supported from the Government of Japan, InSIGHT 2 Project will be working in both regional and national contexts from 2015 -2017. It will cover activities in the ASEAN region, initiating national level interventions in Indonesia, as it also prepares to replicate the experience in other countries in Asia.

The project will look into the most appropriate configuration to strengthen human resources and capacity development mechanisms, taking into account best practices and sharing the lessons from Japan, and other ASEAN member countries, who have advocated a similar track. It will show strategies and pro-active response measures to best address the transitions in the labor market, including adapting to future skills requirements. And, it will also look deeply and articulate the constructive linkages that skills development has with other established systems like Industrial Relations, Social Protection, and Occupational Safety and Health, among others. The project will work with regional and country level partners to meet the challenges of the so called ‘Industrial Revolution 4.0’ (IR 4.0) transformation currently unfolding.

Project Outcomes

  • Strengthened policy dialogue and institutional capacities to promote sustainable and inclusive growth in industries and workplaces, ensuring the implementation of an enhanced skills development systems and policies that a more responsive to the current and future skill needs.
  • Enhanced local tripartite structures and support systems to foster sustainability and competitiveness at sector workplace levels, ensure that the tripartite partners are well integrated and meaningfully engaged in current fora and deliberations.
  • Tripartite constituents in ASEAN Member States continue to have greater national and cross-country knowledge platform of Industrial Relations and closely related topics.


At the regional level, the main target groups and stakeholders are governments, workers’ and employers’ organisations in ASEAN member states, and the ASEAN Secretariat. They will benefit in terms of capacity development through seminars, training and other knowledge sharing mechanisms that will help them further their expertise and skills.

At the country level in Indonesia, government, workers and employers’ organizations will benefit in terms of capacity development through tripartite seminars, training and other tailored support that will help them further their expertise and skills.

In the Philippines, the beneficiaries targeted for the project implementation are the national government, regional and local government units, private sector, workers’ and employers’ organizations, academes, and training institutions. The activities with the beneficiaries involve workshops, forums, networking, trainings, skills development, and knowledge sharing on green jobs and the implementation of the Green Jobs Act of 2016.

Key Partners

• Ministry of Manpower (MoM)
• Employers' Association of Indonesia (Apindo)
• All Indonesian Labour Union Confederation (KSBSI)
• Indonesian Trade Union Confederation (KSPI)
• All Indonesian Workers Union Confederation (KSPSI)
• Other relevant line Ministries

• Department of Labour and Employment (DOLE)
• Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA)
• Philippines Statistics Authority (PSA)
• Employers Confederation of the Philippines (ECOP)
• Federation of Free Workers (FFW)
• Sentro ng mga Nagkakaisa at Progresibong Manggagawa (SENTRO)
• Other relevant regional and local government units
• Other relevant workers’ and employers’ associations

For further information please contact:

Mr Yasuo Ariga
Chief Technical Advisor
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Fax: +66 2 280 1735

Mr Tauvik Muhamad
Technical Officer
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Ms Georginia Pascual
National Project Coordinator
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