Decent Work

Technical Progress Report of Bringing decent work to rural households of Northern provinces of Afghanistan

‘Road to Jobs’ aims to unleash the economic potential of the expanding rural road network in Afghanistan, which has been supported by SIDA-UNOPS. These new roads provide rural communities with the opportunity for better connectivity to markets. Road to Jobs will help turn that opportunity into reality in selected Northern Provinces. The project will enhance competitive rural and urban value chains connected by the road network through multi-faceted interventions that respond to the underlying constraints inhibiting pro-poor sector growth. Giving special attention to vulnerable and marginalized groups, including women, the project will build on knowledge from the recent JICA-ILO study on cross-country agriculture value chains. In the year under review, the Road to Jobs (R2J) project made very bold steps in its inception. The project was launched among stakeholders in the northern provinces of Balkh and Samangan. Consultants were brought in to facilitate the stakeholder consultative processes through two Participatory Appraisal of Competitive Advantage (PACA) each at the provincial level, six Rapid market Appraisals (RMA) and the in-depth Market Systems Analysis (MSA) of the grape and raisin value chain.

The overall goal of the Road to Jobs project is More and better jobs in selected Northern Provinces contribute to improved livelihoods and poverty reduction.
The project aims at addressing the underlying causes of poor market systems performance in selected agricultural sub-sectors.