Decent Work

Road to Jobs: Bringing decent work to rural households of Northern provinces of Afghanistan

The year 2016 marked the stepping up of efforts by R2J project to broker and structure market deals where inclusive business models could be innovated by market actors, facilitate implementation of pilot interventions and continue to build the capacity of staff, partners and other stakeholders to ensure the project goals are realized. Navigating around the daily challenges faced in a fragile economy has called for adaptive management strategies which are always needed in a market systems development project of this nature. Unlocking the vast potential in the agriculture based part of the economy does take effort, patience and considerable risk-taking and the act of taking risks in the economy of northern Afghanistan does not appeal to many potential investors.

The overall goal of the Road to Jobs project is More and better jobs in selected Northern Provinces contribute to improved livelihoods and poverty reduction.
The project aims at addressing the underlying causes of poor market systems performance in selected agricultural sub-sectors.