Local economic development

Road to Jobs (R2J)

By supporting the development of market systems, the Road to Jobs (R2J) project aims to address challenges to better employment, improve livelihoods and reduce poverty in both rural areas and urban centres of Balkh and Samangan provinces in Afghanistan.


The project focuses on local economic development. It aims to tap the economic potential of Afghanistan’s sprawling rural road network, which offer rural communities an opportunity for better connections to markets. The work includes the participation of key stakeholders along selected value chains.

The R2J project uses participatory methods such as Participatory Appraisal for Competitive Advantage (PACA), Rapid Market Appraisals and Market System Analysis to identify “quick wins” and works with stakeholders to develop multi-faceted interventions that create ownership.


Employers, workers, and government agencies, private sector and non-governmental organizations.

A series of activities have been organized, including workshops to present and review the PACA results: