Revision and Enhancement of the Labour Market Data Sources: Towards Setting Up the Labour Market Information System in Brunei Darussalam

The project aims to improve the availability, quality and use of labour market information to effectively contribute to the development, monitoring and implementation of the National Human Resource Development Strategy.

Project objectives

Development objective: Contribute to increased employment opportunities for young men and women through the improved and use of labour market information system.

Immediate objective: Increased country’s capacity to collect and produce comprehensive, up-to date and internationally comparable labour market data and labour market information, and to design and monitor data-informed policies and programmes promoting decent work.

Project outcomes

  • Training of national data producers and users in concepts, definitions and data collection methods, and technical capacity of national specialists in the analysis of labour market information for monitoring and evaluation of macroeconomic and labour market developments and trends; a strong participation of women in the training is strongly recommended.
  • A comprehensive national Labour Force Survey (LFS) for 2014, including tabulation, analysis and dissemination of the survey results.
  • Review and enhancement of other labour market data sources (other household-based surveys and administrative records) produced by Brunei major LMI producers. Data and processes to be reviewed include: surveys and survey master plan of the Department of Statistics, the labour market production from the Research and Statistics Section of the Department of Labour, data collection systems by Brunei Employment Centres, data sources from other governmental agencies, and data sources from employers’ and workers’ organizations.
  • ILO constituents and stakeholders have at their disposal a comprehensive set of decent work indicators to measure progress on decent work: ILO support will include identifying priority decent work indicators by Brunei data producers and users, and training in the production and analysis of a full range of ILO recommended Decent Work indicators.
  • A framework for setting up a functional Labour Market Information System: the current Brunei LMIS will be reviewed and recommendations for its update will be provided. The review and proposed recommendations for update shall cover the main components of a LMIS, i.e.: (i) the institutional framework (databases host and LMIS manager), (ii) legal framework (all provisions for collecting, communicating and use of data), and (iii) the technical design (LMIS databases design, web system design, networking, management software, etc.)