Adaptation to climate change for vulnerable farming populations

The ILO Green Jobs program in Asia & the Pacific is working with constituents, the financial industry and the local communities in disaster prone areas to develop new ways of increasing socio-economic resilience to climate change. The Climate Change Adaptation Project (CCAP) in The Philippines has developed and applied a local financing and risk insurance model to rice and corn farmers in vulnerable areas. The CCAP approach, in essence, bundles and rolls out critical financial and non-financial services in an Integrated Financial Package (IFP) to farmers who are made more vulnerable to climate-related risks by their poverty and lack of access to financial and productive resources. The CCAP in The Philippines as a pilot was successfully completed in 2010. (See additional information on ILO Manila website)

The Global Environment Facility (GEF) Secretariat has now approved a proposal for up scaling this first experience in Southern Philippines. Under the new proposal ILO Green Jobs will implement the project in collaboration with UNDP as the designated GEF Implementing Agency. The project will leverage additional resources from central government agencies, local governments, training service providers, financial service providers, non-governmental organizations and farmers associations. This will enable further investments to help farming communities in this area escape from the “poverty trap” towards a pathway out of poverty.

The feasibility of adapting this innovative approach targeting the vulnerable populations in disaster prone areas is under study in some other countries in the region as well, including Southern Asia.

- Link to the video clip of the pilot CCAP in The Philippines