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  1. Social protection

    The second steering committee of the Luxembourg-funded ILO Project Support to the extension of Social Health Protection in Southeast Asia, takes place in Lao People's Democratic Republic.

    17 February 2020,

    Key stakeholders and partners of the ILO-Luxembourg funded Project gather to discuss progress, 2019 challenges and opportunities, and provide guidance on the implementation of the project in 2020.

  2. International labour standards

    ILO welcomes European Parliament’s approval for free trade deal with Viet Nam

    12 February 2020,

    The agreement has strong labour and environment requirements for sustainable development.

  3. Future of Work

    Viet Nam’s openness to trade changes national job distribution, types and quality

    11 February 2020,

    An interview with ILO Viet Nam Labour Economist, Valentina Barcucci

  4. Youth employment

    Reaching out to a better, creative future with entrepreneurship

    05 February 2020, Jakarta, Indonesia

    The joint entrepreneurship programme of the ILO and UNHCR has continued to the second batch of young, enthusiast entrepreneurs. They were ready to develop and expand their businesses.

  5. India and the ILO

    Praises, Promises and a Postal Stamp!

    22 January 2020,

    Government of India (GoI) and Ministry of Labour and Employment (MOLE) launched two compendiums and a postal stamp to honour the ILO’s contributions to the country.

  6. © Chor Sokunthea / World Bank 2020

    World Employment and Social Outlook – Trends 2020

    Insufficient paid work affects almost half a billion people, new ILO report shows

    20 January 2020,

    A lack of decent work combined with rising unemployment and persisting inequality is making it increasingly difficult for people to build better lives through their work, according to the latest edition of the ILO’s global report on employment and social trends.

  7. ILO100 in Viet Nam

    “100 days without accidents” builds up momentum for work safety

    17 January 2020,

    A campaign promotes the links between work safety and productivity in the woodwork and supporting industries in Viet Nam.

  8. Decent Work in Fishing

    8th ASEAN Labour Inspection Conference

    15 January 2020,

    The Eighth ASEAN Labour Inspection Conference on the theme “Securing Decent Work in the Fisheries Sector through Labour Inspection in ASEAN” was held from 18-19 December 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand.

  9. Labour inspection

    Campaign improves law compliance in Dong Nai’s woodwork industry

    12 January 2020,

    The 2019 Labour Inspection Campaign included a mix of inspection, training and communication activities which engaged employers and workers in the industry nationwide to raise their awareness of the importance of labour law compliance.

  10. News

    Bangladesh labour inspectorate rolls out digitalized system to monitor all industries

    09 January 2020,