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  1. News

    Improving women’s business participation, a key path to inclusive development in Myanmar

    24 February 2020,

    New report identifies Myanmar’s gender dividend through women’s entrepreneurship development

  2. News

    Crisis-response tool to protect health workers during the outbreak of COVID-19

    24 February 2020,

    The Chinese version of "Occupational safety and health in public health emergencies: A manual for protecting health workers and responders" is now available at the critical time of the COVID-19 epidemics.

  3. News update

    Rural women micro-entrepreneurs resilience to floods strengthened by ILO in Sri Lanka

    20 February 2020, Colombo, Sri Lanka

    The ILO with support from the Government of Japan, handed over 30 permanent production facilities constructed for women in the confectionary trade in Ratnapura district, in Sri Lanka’s Sabaragamuwa Province.

  4. Social protection

    The second steering committee of the Luxembourg-funded ILO Project Support to the extension of Social Health Protection in Southeast Asia, takes place in Lao People's Democratic Republic.

    17 February 2020,

    Key stakeholders and partners of the ILO-Luxembourg funded Project gather to discuss progress, 2019 challenges and opportunities, and provide guidance on the implementation of the project in 2020.

  5. Social health protection

    Worker Receives Lifesaving Medical Treatment through Myanmar’s Health Insurance scheme

    13 February 2020,

    A closer look at a beneficiary’s experience of the Social Security Board medical scheme reveals the possibilities and limitations of the government managed program, highlighting the progress and remaining challenges within Myanmar’s healthcare system.

  6. International labour standards

    ILO welcomes European Parliament’s approval for free trade deal with Viet Nam

    12 February 2020,

    The agreement has strong labour and environment requirements for sustainable development.

  7. Future of Work

    Viet Nam’s openness to trade changes national job distribution, types and quality

    11 February 2020,

    An interview with ILO Viet Nam Labour Economist, Valentina Barcucci

  8. Youth employment

    Reaching out to a better, creative future with entrepreneurship

    05 February 2020, Jakarta, Indonesia

    The joint entrepreneurship programme of the ILO and UNHCR has continued to the second batch of young, enthusiast entrepreneurs. They were ready to develop and expand their businesses.

  9. Social health protection

    Regional knowledge hub, connect, strengthens capacity across Asia-Pacific to promote universal health coverage

    04 February 2020,

    A regional technical facility on Social Health Protection in Asia-Pacific has been developed with support from ILO, to facilitate knowledge development, capacity building and technical assistance with a goal to achieve Universal Health Coverage across the region.

  10. Social health protection

    Lao PDR Health Insurance Reform allows 70 year old to access to healthcare for the first time

    29 January 2020,

    70-year old’s first experience of medical treatment illustrates progress of Lao PDR’s social health protection system since implementing a National Health Insurance scheme to promote universal health coverage.